College & Recruiting

Saying Yes : The Art of Assessing and Accepting a Role in College and Beyond

Stage time in college is coveted and critical to a singer’s training and success. But what if you’re offered a role that doesn’t feel like a fit for your voice? Find out how to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for you.

Show Me the Money

It’s never too soon to start thinking about how to pay for your education.

Is a DMA For You?

Three singers who hold a doctorate of musical arts discuss the benefits, misperceptions, and challenges surrounding this degree.

Schools of Thought: : Comparisons and Considerations When Choosing a College

What is the difference between a school of music and a conservatory? A department of music and a school of music? Professors at all types of schools outline what prospective students can expect at these various institutions.

Enhancing the Lecture Recital : Carole J. Bufford Shares Advice from 54 Below and Beyond

Lecture recitals don’t have to be boring. An expert in entertaining and informing, Carole J. Bufford shares how she programs an evening of talking and singing to make sure it does just that.

A Sound Investment: : College Debt 101

Your music education doesn’t often include classes on finance. But don’t let that stop you from learning to be wise with your money. Consider these 10 tips for managing money on your way toward a successful singing career.

Experiencing College to the Fullest: : Helpful Hindsight from the Cast of ‘The Fairy Queen’

Singers living and working in New York City reflect on their college experiences and offer advice for making the most of your four years.

Ask Erda: : Ten Things You Need to Know before You Graduate

Take control of your education and make sure you do what it takes to learn these 10 things while you’re still in college.

Sing Well, Work Hard, and Listen

Tenor and professor Lawrence Vincent shares what he sees as the secrets for success for students he teaches at Brigham Young University—the same secrets of his successful 10-year career in Germany and Austria.

Thoughts on Gradudate Schools

So you think you want to pursue a master’s degree in voice, but will it make the difference between a career or no career? And what factors should you consider when choosing a school? Read on to find the answers to these questions and more.

Missing the Grade : The Truly Important Things to Learn as an Undergraduate

Do you have to go to college to learn the skills necessary to succeed as a professional singer? And, in turn, are colleges teaching those skills? Singers and voice professors weigh in to answer these questions and more, including their pet peeves on what singers should learn in college but often don’t.

To the Auditioning High School Senior

So you want to pursue a music degree. With that decision made, you now have many more questions to answer. Is a small or large school right for you? How do you find the right voice teacher? What should you wear on audition day? From the small to big questions, find the answers here.