Brian Manternach

Brian Manternach

Tenor Brian Manternach teaches voice at the University of Utah in the Musical Theatre Program. He holds degrees in vocal performance from Saint John’s University in Minnesota (BA), the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (MM), and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (DM). He can be reached at

The Singer’s Library : Pedagogical Practices

Two books explore and preserve the ideas of renowned voice teachers who have left a lasting impact on the singing world.

Conquering Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety. It sounds so serious. While most performers would admit to feeling nerves before going on stage, or perhaps even a degree of “stage fright,” the words “performance anxiety”

Elizabeth Stanley : Rooted in the Midwest, Blooming on Broadway

Elizabeth Stanley’s path to the stage did not go as initially expected. Beginning first as a classical singer with a vocal performance degree, she quickly realized her passion and place in the musical theatre world. Her career now includes Broadway national tours, revivals, and originating roles. In this Classical Singer exclusive, she discusses her process for creating many different vocal qualities and styles, what life is like in a touring company, and the necessity for singers to share their own unique talent free from outside influences.

The Singer’s Library: Transgender Voices

When I was a beginning voice teacher, I was eager to teach any student who came to me for lessons. I quickly found, however, that the students who had different

The Singer’s Library : Singing with Your Whole Self

The Feldenkrais Method has been aiding singers for decades but has only recently become more accepted with scientific backing. Discover more about this method in a second edition publication.

Option Up or Option Out? When to Stick with the Score

If you’ve ever listened to an original Broadway cast recording while following along with the printed music, you may have noticed some differences between what you hear and what you

The Singer’s Library : Vocalize and Exercise

Find more flexibility, freedom from excessive tension, and increased physical strength in a new book written by a Classical Singer columnist.

Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress

D. Brian Lee thought he had no talent for singing. At least that was his conclusion after a humiliating vocal exam in college. It was the experience of playing in

The Singer’s Library : Vocal Cross-Training

A new publication strives to build and unify singing techniques fit for both Broadway and La bohème.

A Summer in Ohio : Celebrating 40 Seasons of the Ohio Light Opera

A Midwest company credits much of its success to a strong collaboration among the participating artists and directors, a high production value, and a supportive community while striving to bridge the gap between traditional operetta and musical theatre.

The Singer’s Library : No Instruments Needed

As the a cappella craze continues to sweep the world, a new book, written by a pioneer in this field, provides an in-depth perspective to a style that has been evolving for thousands of years and is here to stay.

So You Want to Sing Barbershop?

The So You Want to Sing series continues to produce books directed to vocalists interested in specific genres. The Rowman & Littlefield series, sponsored by the National Association of Teachers