College & Recruiting

College Connections: Are AP Classes Worth It?

Advanced Placement classes can add stress to your high school experience, but can also save time and money when you go to college. These courses can help you focus more intensely on your musical, theatrical, and dance training when you begin a university program.

Music Major Minute: Daily Practice Rx: Show Up, then “Treat Yo’ Self!”

Learn more about daily practice habits to make your semester’s voice lessons successful.

College Connection: Auditioning for College – What I Wish I’d Known

Many singers wish they’d known more before their auditions. Read on to learn what college audition panels are looking for. 

Tips for Musical Theatre College Pre-screen Video Auditions

College audition season is upon us, and one of the first hurdles for musical theatre college auditions is the pre-screen video. Here’s some advice from behind the audition table on how to put your best foot forward and truly shine.

Six Tips for Video Auditions

One of the lasting effects of the COVID pandemic is that more schools are allowing recordings of auditions. That recording is typically video, and so it seems like a good topic to explore. Read on for six tips for video auditions.

Advice For the College-Bound

The doctor is in, with some words of wisdom for the prospective college student. Dr. Jahn puts things in perspective to help you make the most of your college years.

You’ve Got This! Advice for Incoming Freshmen Voice Majors

Starting your freshmen year as a voice performance major is equal parts thrilling and terrifying! Read on to see what advice current voice performance majors from around the country have for incoming freshmen.

College Connection: Navigating Voice Majors

“Which degree is for me?” poses a challenge for freshmen entering music programs in the U.S. Learn more about each type of Bachelor’s degree for music offered by many schools and how you can select the best fit for your long-term goals. 

A Summer Project: Outside Scholarships

If you’re inside escaping from the [heat, humidity, bad air quality], here’s a project for you. And by the title, “Outside Scholarships,” I don’t mean that you now have to go outside. Read on to learn more!

Tips from Juilliard: CS Music Convention—The View from the Exhibitor Hall

In a few short weeks, many of us will be gathered in San Francisco for the CS Music Competition and Convention. I will be there wearing two hats: One hat is that of a presenter (Saturday and Sunday), and the other hat is that of an exhibitor. 

Preparing for College

A student’s four years of high school must be mapped out effectively to prepare for a successful college experience. Having a plan each year of high school will put the student on a successful path to graduating with a college degree. Read on for one possible path that may be helpful for you to take.

College Connection: Repertoire Streams, Practice, and Planning

Evaluating and reevaluating your educational plans, practice habits, and career goals is an important tool to learn for singers planning to major in music. Whether you're just starting college or getting ready to launch your career, preparation is crucial! Read on to learn more about this.