Kylie Evans

Kylie Evans

Kylie Evans is currently a professor at Boise State University, where she teaches the vocal pedagogy course as well as voice lessons. She previously taught at NYU Steinhardt, where she received her MM degree in Vocal Performance, as well as her Advanced Certificate of Vocal Pedagogy. Before grad school, Kylie received her BM in Vocal Performance at Utah State University. For singing tips and tricks, you can follow Kylie on Instagram and TikTok at @kythevocalcoach. 

Breathe/Support from Your Diaphragm: Why This Phrase Isn’t Fully Accurate

Are you wondering about your diaphragm and breath? Read on for more information about the diaphragm to help you understand more about its function, and better ways to talk about the breath.

4 Tips to Become a Confident Performer

The moment I started singing, I froze. My technique was gone, I couldn't remember the words that came so easily just an hour before, and I didn't sing the way I wanted, the way I knew I could have. I learned an important lesson: performing was a completely different skillset that I needed to develop.