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The privacy policy at ("Auditions Plus," "Classical Singer Corp., " "we," "our," and the "Site") has been created to protect users as they endeavor to search for opportunities and communicate with musical programs around the world. This policy only applies to activities and transactions engaged in through our Site and does not apply to any other website, e-mail, offline, or personal activities or transactions you may set up or in which you may engage. Each time you visit our Site or provide the Site with information, you agree to accept the Privacy Policy current at that time.

The most important aspect of a privacy policy is how your privacy will be protected, yet at the same time how will facilitate communications between you and prospective programs. The personal information you provide will not be shared with others unless you allow us to do so.

Security Precautions protects your personal information such as telephone, e-mail address, and physical address as you communicate with programs and others through the system provided by our Site. If you are a minor we strongly suggest that you don't reveal personal information without the knowledge of your parent or guardian.


Our Site, like most websites, uses cookies to enhance your experience and activity while on the Site. This lets us identify you, save certain personal information without having to reenter it each time you visit the Site, and we can tailor content specific to your interests and match your abilities and personal information with search terms used by programs. You can decide to disable cookies in your browser, but you will lose a great advantage and may not be able to visit some portions of our Site by doing so.