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Pride and Prejudice: Preface to the Opera (Abridged)

I’ve been asked. “After all the films, plays and books, who needs an operatic version?” I can answer this question only with a more difficult question: “Why has no one

Tempests In Teapots? No! Hurricanes In Thimbles! The Songs of C.P.E. Bach

I first encountered the songs of Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach when I was putting together a concert of 18th century music with some friends. While I’ve been singing the cantatas

Spotlighting Singers: From Chorister to Early Music Soloist

Singers do amazing things — and we spotlight them. Here’s an article about a singer who was a chorister but found a way to become the new star with some

Influencers of Singing EXTRA CONTENT: George Martynuk

A couple weeks ago we had George Martynuk of George M. Martynuk Management talk with Mark Stoddard about his agency and how he runs things. Now we’d like to share

A Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Three Ways to Jump Start Your Career

Dana Lynne Varga will be publishing a monthly series for Freelance Artists. If you have questions for Dana, email and we’ll have her answer or write about those. ​

The Doctor Is In: Ask Dr. Jahn – Haller Cells

Dr. Anthony Jahn answers questions each month for CS Music. If you have a question, email  How do Haller cells and a nasal polyp affect resonance? What solutions do

CS Music Teacher Feature: Kathryn Cowdrick

‘’The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward   A teacher can help mold and guide a student

A Soprano’s Challenges with Total Body Hair Loss

More than any other time in history, access to videos of singers performing in operas, oratorios, and as recitalists, is readily available. Audiences also get a closer view of the

Jilted to Perfection: A Voice Teacher’s Journey to Broadway Producer

Voice teacher, performer, and writer, Debra Cook’s musical, Jilted to Perfection: A MorMom’s Love was selected to be a part of New York New Works (NYNW) festival. Cook’s production not only made

How Many YAPS Are Too Many YAPS?

Young Artist Programs are prescribed by many colleges and conservatories as part of the necessary path to career success. Over the past decade, the number of applications to these programs

The Brand of Brancy: The Value of Being Entrepreneurial in the Arts

John Brancy’s career has come a long way in the past 12 years, and he recently showed the great value of being entrepreneurial in the arts. His latest endeavor included a concert tour striving to reach and impact new audiences with lesser-known content.

Easy Does It : The Relaxed Success of Baritone Peter Mattei

Peter Mattei’s operatic career has now spanned almost three decades and continues to thrive across the globe. Discover his methods for achieving his effortless sound with such a great variety of repertoire—including works by Wagner, Mozart, and Sondheim—as well as his process for keeping his sound honest and authentic across this broad spectrum. With a Winterreise recording in the works and Wozzeck on the horizon at the Met, this baritone has cultivated a unique and personal formula for success.