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A Shy ‘Carmen’ and Preserving Black History: Reflections from Denyce Graves-Montgomery

Amid the country’s turmoil about racism, mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves-Montgomery is happily enjoying quiet time on her porch in early summer. “We’re in an incredible historical moment, but nothing happening now is any different, except that people have cameras on,” she says. “In this moment of global interruption [caused by the pandemic]—a pause, a time of reflection and quietude—people have the time to listen and look at what’s important.”

Allergies When You’re a Singer

Asthma doesn’t seem to bother me any more unless I’m around cigars or dogs. The thing that would bother me most would be a dog smoking a cigar. – Steve

How to: Self-Tapes for Singers

Self-tape auditions have been discussed at length in the TV/Film world. In working with my voice students and fellow singers, however, I am not sure the importance of a good self-tape setup has been adequately explained in the singers’ world. Let me see if I can help clarify why self-tape auditions are so important.

Choose Your Own Audition Adventure

These step-by-step scenarios provide a glimpse into a variety of audition situations and can help with preparation for pounding the pavement in the Big Apple. 

In Memoria : Rosita Fornes, Woman in a Flag Smiling

Here is a bilingual tribute to the great singer and actress Rosita Fornés.

Dimitri Pittas : The Transformative Tenor

Dimitri Pittas’ career is one filled with transition. Despite serious obstacles, this kind-hearted tenor has proved his adaptability and is recognized as a force in the most impressive repertoire. 

Pulling Off a Sick Performance

You’ve spent hours practicing and fine-tuning for an important performance and are feeling prepared and excited. Take some thought to also prepare for any potential setbacks that could start with a sniffle. 

Teaching during the Pandemic : Should You Raise Your Rates?

Yes we’re in the middle of a pandemic. People have lost their jobs. The world isn’t quite what it was. Not only are you concerned about raising your rates, you may even be charging less for online lessons than you did in person. 

Program Spotlight: Opera Program Documentary Explores Creating During a Pandemic

Heather Mathews, Associate Program Director for SFCM’s Opera & Musical Theatre division, narrates short film chronicling the technical and emotional experiences of producing Moments from Firebird Motel

Lasting and Important Heart Changes : Emerging Professional Winner Joel Balzun

"Is it necessary for every performance to be a benefit concert? I don't think so – sometimes art for art's sake is enough. But I'm a firm believer that the most meaningful musical experiences make the audience think and consider something. We cannot change the hearts of our audiences, but we can prompt the thoughts and questions which lead to lasting and important heart changes which can make our world a better place."

Drive-In Opera : Phoenicia Festival of the Voice

Maybe you went to a drive-in movie when you were a kid, and maybe you’ve attended live performances of grand opera. But you have never experienced anything like what you’ll

A Singer Turns 40 in Quarantine

Since New York adopted “shelter-in-place,” I’ve been staying with my parents where I grew up in Florida. I left for college at 18, then went straight to grad school in