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The Dr. Is In: Back to School in the Age of COVID

In-person learning is back, but COVID-19 is not gone. Read on to prepare yourself for a return to learning while also minimizing risk for infection and reinfection. 

Anti-Goals for Singers

Nothing is set in stone for you, and you can change your mind, and correct your course as you go along. Knowing your “can’ts” and “won’ts” early on helps you to make a better decision, both for declaring a major, engaging in your studies, and embarking on a professional singing career.

The Swole Soprano Strengthens Singers

In the singing world of today, artists are asked to do more than simply “park and bark.” We are asked to run, jump, spin, climb twelve flights of stairs and then sing the showstopper. Singers must be prepared for whatever is thrown at them, and that is the goal of The Swole Soprano.

Jasmine Habersham : Creating the Road Less Traveled

At first glance, soprano Jasmine Habersham might seem to onlookers as a classical vocalist who has followed a well worn path. But as you begin to peel back the layers of the soprano called “magnificent” by the San Francisco Chronicle, you'll find an intriguing reminder that no two roads are ever alike.

Vocal Health 101 : Vocal Folds

Let's talk vocal health! The vocal folds are tiny, delicate, and unfortunately prone to wear and tear, even with easy vibration. This delicate layer needs to be properly hydrated and well taken care of in order for the vocal folds to vibrate easily. Read on for a few tips on maintaining and strengthening your vocal folds.

Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Phan

American tenor Nicholas Phan is a remarkably multi-faceted artist. Nominated for multiple Grammy awards, his latest is the world premiere of "A Year to the Day". Phan recently spoke about this new work, which examines the life of a musical artist during the pandemic with virtuosic music and poignant and witty text.

High School Program Spotlight : Benet Academy

CS Music is highlighting unique and impactful high schools, universities, summer programs, young artist programs, and other organizations that help singers. Meet Brian Wand and the Benet Academy Choirs from Lisle, Illinois. They were the Showcase winners at the 2022 CS Music Convention.

Natalie Weiss : Breaking Down the Melismas

Natalie Weiss started as a pianist, transitioned to singing, became a virtual hit on several platforms, went on to star on Broadway, and now shares her knowledge in an online riffing course. Find out what she has learned along the way and how her course can help all teachers and singers.

The Music Major Minute : Delving into Latinx Art Songs

Exploring the works of Latinx composers opens new doors to art song repertoire. read on to discover some of the composers and songs featured in performance at the Augusta University Latinx Art Song Festival.

CS Vocal Competition Winners : Classical High School I

$14,000 of cash prizes and $4.2 million in scholarships were awarded at the 2022 CS Vocal Competition. Introducing our First and Second Place winners in the Classical High School I Division: Anjulie Djearam & Vivien Vigilante!

Amplifying Female Voices: Jocelyn Hagen

Looking for music by a living woman composer to feature on your undergraduate, graduate, or professional voice recital? Look no further than the catalog of Jocelyn Hagen. Read on to learn more about composer Jocelyn Hagen.

6 Home Recording Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Thanks to the abundance of recording equipment on the market right now, you can record anything you like from your own home. That opens up music, podcasting and more to