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What Would Deborah Do

Superstar soprano, Deborah Voigt, is taking charge of life beyond the stage in a commanding way. A biography, a one-woman show, a teaching fellowship at Notre Dame, artistic director of

Katharina von Bora

Katharina von Bora is an historical, non-religious opera written by conductor and composer Mihai Valcu, with lyrics by Bill Zeiger. In his critique after the opera’s premiere, November 7, 2015,

Why do you sing?

Why do you sing? This is the first question I often ask new voice students, sensing that they sometimes need to be shaken awake, in order to change direction and

Bass-Baritone Cody Quattlebaum

Cody Quattlebaum, a young singer on the rise, has racked up quite a résumé. With debuts in Zurich and London, Quattlebaum has also been a finalist in the 2018 Glyndebourne Opera Cup and the 2017 Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and received a grant from the Richard Tucker Music Foundation. In concert, he has appeared at Carnegie Hall and Alice Tully Hall. How does someone so young, just barely out of graduate school, achieve so much? Ambitious and adventurous Quattlebaum shares his success story here. Read about his up-and-coming European career, plus his advice to young singers.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Row, Row, Row Your Boat with Tenor Miguel Alasco

With advanced training, composure, and professionalism, the gondoliers in Nevada are making an impression with opera and making a sustainable living.

When You Sing For Their Supper : The Art of Performing in Restaurants

Singing in restaurants can be a great gig—you can make money, try out new repertoire, and often eat for free. But it isn’t without its challenges too. Find out how to appreciate the perks and navigate the difficulties here.

Musings on Mechanics

Any singer can tell you how important breathing is. But have you ever thought about the impact your shoulders and sternum have on a good breath? Find out how relaxing your upper body can prepare your whole body for full, deep, singer-ready breathing.

Classical Singer Returns to China

Read about one professor’s experience traveling to China for the 2018 CS Music Chinese Vocal Competition last March.

Close Your Singer Rings

When Apple released its smart watch in 2015, the company also introduced its Activity app, the fitness arm of the watch that tracks three major goals each day: Move, Stand,

The Singer’s Library – Different Strokes for Different Folks

Previous books from the So You Want to Sing series that have been featured in this column have covered genres ranging from jazz to country to sacred music. The already

The Singer’s Library

A 2017 publication walks musicians through the world of performer contracts, negotiations, procuring legal aid, and much more.

The Music Major Minute

Learning New Music: Practice Hacks that Will Pay You Back Don’t let these summer months lull you into practice complacency. Here are some practice tools—for both in and out of