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Music Major Minute: Unexpected Repertoire, Part III – German Lieder

Undergraduate and graduate students and teachers can find excellent German repertoire suggestions in the continuation of our “Unexpected Repertoire” series. 

Closing the Curtain on Stage Fright

I frequently ask performing artists at all levels this very important question: “Where in your career or training have you had an in-depth explanation of the causes of and cures for stage fright?” Read on for tips on how to manage performance anxiety effectively.

The Dr. Is In: Singers and COVID – The CS Survey

Several months ago, at the suggestion of one of our readers, we ran a survey to look at the impact of COVID on singers. Dr. Jahn shares the findings of this survey. Read on to discover more about how COVID has affected our readers vocally.

Rainelle Krause: Setting Up a Life You Love

Coloratura Rainelle Krause shares her experience of her early years as a singer while building her career. She is forthcoming about her breaking point and finding a marketable authenticity in her art—and how aerial work helped her balance, literally and figuratively, her career as a singer.

Oratorio Panhispánico, An Immigrant Oratorio

There are few oratorios composed now, and the newest presentation by Music at Co-Cath (MACC) is a unique and exciting one. Entirely in Spanish, this work tells the story of the Passion of Christ through the lens of Hispanic immigrants.

Making the Most of Your College Experience as a Performing Artist

Four years at college can go by all too quickly considering the years you spend preparing, time you use auditioning, and energy you devote to deciding on the perfect music program. Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your time in those four years once you arrive.

Elder Care and You: Planning for the Future Now

At some point, you may be responsible for the care of elderly family members and, eventually, you must plan for your own care in later years. Learn more from a voice teacher balancing the difficulties of both her own career while also caring for her elderly mother.

The Singer’s Library: Queering Vocal Pedagogy

A new book provides insights on creating gender-affirming voice studios.

Sangeeta Kaur: Merging Genres to Center Herself

Soprano Sangeeta Kaur tells CS how she merged experiences in opera and other genres, and the wisdom and welcome she found across communities to create successful new music as a classical crossover artist. 

Crossover Corner: Could, Can, Will, and Getting Current with Crossover

Could versus should: One of my favorite things to say to voice students and friends is “Don’t should on yourself.” And I need to regularly remind myself of the same. I’ll overhear a teacher working with a student on a piece I’ve forgotten or a song from a new musical and think, “I should assign this to so-and-so” or “I should learn this music” or “I should start singing Purcell again” or “I should do a lecture recital.”

College Connection: Repertoire Streams, Practice, and Planning

Evaluating and reevaluating your educational plans, practice, and career goals is an important tool to learn for singers planning to major in music.

Whistling Hens: Reacting to the Landscape

Soprano Jennifer Piazza-Pick and clarinetist Natalie Groom formed a duo, Whistling Hens, which commissions women composers for their ensemble. Learn more about how they formed, their process, and the rewarding, exciting work of these two women in chamber music.