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Becoming the Consummate Singer! : Grammy Award Winning Bass Baritone Mark S. Doss

How does bass baritone Mark S. Doss maintain stamina, vocal health and mental peace? Surely his extraordinary journey has taken great effort to navigate. It has taken him around the

English: The Three-Headed Monster, Part 2

Contemporary/American (C/A) This style deals with the modern American pronunciation of words, which is more nasal and run together than TA. The [æ] is more prevalent, the hard r [R]

Alive & Kicking: American Opera “Legendary”

CS Music has partnered with Jessica Fishenfeld to spotlight her creative efforts to make opera more accessible for a new generation of music lovers. This light-hearted series gives you a

Fortune Favors the Bold Musician

If you’re waiting for your internal messaging to tell you that you’re ready to take that next courageous step in your career, I have news for you: Fortune Favors the

Church Musician Positions Becoming Available

Becoming a regular cantor at a church can sometimes take quite some time to break into. However, once you do become a regular cantor, the source of income will be quite steady and pretty high considering the number of hours you have to work.

Academy of Vocal Arts : Helping Singers Succeed!

Amazingly, since 2000, more than 90% of AVA (Academy of Vocal Arts) alumni continue active singing careers. Many singers agree with Bryan Hymel, a renown tenor and AVA grad, “AVA

Dressing for Your Musical Theatre College Audition

“We don’t know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, so we don’t always appreciate their fragility.”      Malcolm Gladwell Like it or not, first impressions

Balancing A Singing Career With A Full-time Job

Most professional singers have some sort of correlating career. Secondary income sources are almost always necessary due to high costs of living, student loan debt and the competitive state of

English: The Three-Headed Monster

PART I: Introduction/TA I am a big believer that English diction needs to be taught in schools alongside Italian, French, and German. I also believe that it is important for

Alive & Kicking: Launching Opera Into Mainstream

There’s a new Web Series in town, and it has its sights set on launching opera into the mainstream! Made for opera professionals, fans, and novices alike, we are pleased

Spotlight on Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith has served on the faculty at DePauw University since 1993, as the voice area coordinator, teacher of diction, class voice and, only studio voice for the last 15

The Tao of Breathing

Tao (taυ) —n: 1. that in virtue of which all things happen or exist; 2. the rational basis of human conduct; 3. the course of life and its relation to