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A Singer’s Thyroid

ver the years, I have had many questions about the thyroid gland and how its function (and dysfunction) impacts us—singers in particular. In the next few paragraphs, we will look

We Call It All Opera Today : Composer Matthew Peterson

wedish/American composer Matthew Peterson is an independent, vital voice in the new opera world. He studied at Gotland School of Music Composition, Indiana University School of Music, and St. Olaf

Music Major Minute: Masks for Singers

Consider the pros and cons of different types of face masks and how well they work with singing and breathing.

Staying in Touch and On Top of It: Time Management for Music Majors

There are never enough hours in the day for a music major. But by knowing exactly what is expected of you and what you can accomplish, your fall semester is sure to be a successful one.

Transitioning from a Degree to the Stage: Rachel Willis-Sørensen

Rachel Willis-Sørensen recounts the journey that led her as a young singer to working with the industry leaders in classical music and the personal growth she experienced along the way.

ARIA SAVVY: Expanding Your Audition Repertoire

ost audition judges are eager to hear any singer who shows musical curiosity and a sense of adventure in their repertoire. Why choose only the “standard” five arias in your

Rethinking the Goals to Distance and Hybrid Learning

Students and teachers now face a semester unlike one they have ever experienced with new regulations and combinations of in-person and virtual learning. Read on to find ways to manage and benefit from this unfamiliar situation.

On-Camera Techniques for Singers

Are you ready for your close-up? Are you also ready to be your own director, producer, sound engineer, set designer, editor, wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup artist, and camera operator? Craft services are optional, but with all the time and energy it takes to create a self-tape audition or video performance at home, you will definitely need a snack. 

Harnessing Girl Power

Stage director Jennifer Williams discusses how to create empowered portrayals of women on the operatic stage.

Choosing a Graduate Program

The search for the perfect graduate school begins long before the December pre-screening deadline. Here is a helpful guide for undergraduate singers to ensure that they are ready for graduate school auditions long before the application deadline.

Transforming Lives: Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi’s ArtSmart

In 2016, Michael Fabiano and John Viscardi founded ArtSmart, an organization dedicated to pairing professional musicians as mentors with middle and high school students in underserved communities. By providing free weekly vocal instruction, the company has experienced firsthand the power of music mentorship in shaping the lives of students in the best possible way. Discover more about this program, the artists behind it, where they hope to take it in the future, and how you can get involved.

Opera Asks for Effort: Interview with Natalia Tanasii

oldovan soprano Natalia Tanasii was only 21 when she made her professional stage debut as Countess Almaviva (Le nozze di Figaro) at the Moldovan National Opera. Her Salzburg festival debut