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Zero Views Blues

How do we know if anyone is watching submitted audition videos? As prescreening videos become more ubiquitous, singers are feeling frustrated with analytics revealing that videos were not viewed by companies rejecting them from auditions. 

Online Presence for Singers

In this conversation, Frisco and Otaño discuss the ways that singers must manage their online presence. Read on to discover ways to improve your website and social media to your professional advantage.

Into the Woods: An Overview of Interlochen Arts Academy

Interlochen is more than just a summer camp, with six program areas including the Interlochen Arts Academy. The curriculum for high school students prepares them differently than traditional pre-college programs.

The Magic of Tuacahn

Tuacahn Amphitheatre is a unique outdoor venue in southern Utah. Performers and staff share the spectacular experience of providing world-class family entertainment.

Finding a New Voice: Heidi Skok on Her Path from Lyric Soprano to Contralto

Heidi Skok began her career in professional opera with the lightest soprano roles and has been able to establish herself in a second career as a contralto, more than 25 years later. Skok’s vocal odyssey has been harrowing in many ways, making it doubly heartwarming to witness the serenity and wisdom that are now hers to share with any young artist fortunate enough to study with her.

Martin Fisher: Versatile Artist, Indomitable Spirit

Martin Fisher shares his experiences working in opera and television. Read on to learn about his nontraditional path that led to his current roles and the transferrable skills singers need in order to work in both theatre and television.

Crossover Corner: Crossing Over without Joy—Don’t Risk It

Getting “unstuck” from repertoire and activities that feel rote and boring can bring greater joy as a student, performer, and teacher. Read on to discover ways to spark joy and creativity in your endeavors.

The Singer’s Library: The Singer’s Audition & Career Handbook

Claudia Friedlander’s second book provides information and inspiration for singers on the professional track.

Audition Attire: A Critical Conversation

Kerriann Otaño and Cris Frisco share their expertise from the “other side of the table” about a contentious topic: audition attire. Learn more about how to dress your best for auditions from this conversation about guidelines instead of rules for audition attire.

New England Conservatory’s Song Lab

New England Conservatory’s Song Lab prepares the next generation of recitalists. The sophistication and nuance necessary for recital performance are complex and difficult, and Song Lab helps prepare singers for a high-performance level.

Second Acts: Alternative Career Paths

Singing is not known to be a “forever” career. Moving from a performing or teaching career to an entirely different field does not negate the successes one gains in music, but the skills we learn on the operatic stage transition well into alternate career paths.

The Importance of Movement for Singers

Embracing choreography and dance is vital for singers, as it helps with body awareness and music’s connection to movement. Read on to learn more about movement and its relationship to your voice.