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Crossover Corner: Curating and Empowering Your Repertoire

Our new columnist for “Crossover Corner,” Peter Thorensen, offers advice for the classical singer new to musical theatre repertoire on how to find music to add to your “book” by creating curated playlists in streaming platforms.

Expanding Your Audition Repertoire : Aria Savvy

Most audition judges are eager to hear any singer whose repertoire choices show some musical curiosity and a sense of adventure. Why choose only the “standard” five arias in your Fach for one audition after another? There’s so much repertoire out there waiting for you! OK, your “list of five” shouldn’t all be arias found off the beaten track, but one or two would certainly be welcomed by those auditioning you. “Aria Savvy” will present two arias per column, introducing you to music that will invigorate you musically while providing a refreshing change for your listeners.

New Music Learning : Strategies for Success

Learning new music from living composers can be daunting to singers unfamiliar with the process. Read on to gain strategies for successfully collaborating with composers and approaching newly composed works.

Stefano de Peppo: Insights from an Italian Master

CS Music has had the privilege of working with Stefano de Peppo multiple times, and his Masterclasses have always been informative, encouraging, and extremely insightful. We had the opportunity to sit down with him and get a glimpse into his world and what he’s currently working on.

Empowered Recording

Learn tips to make recording a part of your practice routine to provide you with greater feedback and make regular recordings easier.

The Musical Athlete

Chris Kelly and Stephanie McCranie, founders of The Musical Athlete and a newly engaged couple, have made it their mission to demystify physical training for vocalists and take singers to the next level.

The Tongue as a Gateway to Voice, Resonance, Style, and Intelligibility

Voice science and vocal pedagogy meet in this publication exploring the role of the tongue as a crucial part of singing and speaking.

Lessons from Lasso: Believe

Taking a lesson from popular TV show Ted Lasso, read on to find cheerful ways to believe in yourself and your music making abilities.

Streaming from Home: COVID-19 Recording

Like many singers during the pandemic, John and Gillian Riesen learned new skills to advance their careers. Their experience with recording, streaming, and promoting recorded classical music is a new growth area for classical singers to explore.

From the Editor : March 2022

As we head from winter into spring, I always feel that singers, like the birdsongs our pieces often imitate, burst joyfully out into our spring and summer performances. I’m particularly

Recital Representation: Making Space for Women Composers

Read on to learn about how to include more works by women composers in your recitals as a student and as a voice teacher.

Striking the Write Tone: My 100th Classical Singer Article

Columnist Brian Manternach reflects on having written 100 articles for Classical Singer. He shares his experience of becoming a writer and then a columnist—and of the opportunities that abound when singers and voice teachers also become writers.