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How I Found the Perfect Day Job

I had been working as an executive assistant to the President of a very big fashion label. I emphasize very big. Devil Wears Prada big. It was a “dream job”

Sound Ethics: Tend to Your Embers

If you have three minutes a day (and we all do), make a list of your embers. These are the little things that may escape your every day purview but need attention before adding the bigger items on top.

Singing with Other People

Whether in a choir, a vocal group, a band – of any genre – with multiple vocalists, of any genre, or singing in a group of any kind, singing with other people is a musical skill to be honed and developed just like any other.

I Found My Place: Interview with Composer Juliana Hall

Praised as “brilliant” (Washington Post), “beguiling” (Times of London), and “the most genuinely moving music of the afternoon” (Boston Globe), the works of American art song composer Juliana Hall have

AIMS : A Semicentennial of Shaping Singers

For those looking to work in Europe, AIMS can help make this dream a reality. Hear from faculty and an alumna about the many offerings of this program and what you can gain from a summer in Graz. 

“Mean Girls” Broadway Performer Jake Swain

CS Music had the opportunity to chat with Broadway performer Jake Swain. He is currently portraying the Mathlete, Tyler Kimball, in Mean Girls. We loved what he had to say about vocal health and what is required to "make it." Read below all about this fantastic actor!

Sing App-y! Useful Apps and Websites for Singers

As we all know, becoming the best singer you can be takes years of study and dedication. While nothing can take the place of voice lessons and good, old-fashioned practice, there are a lot of apps and websites that can assist singers with many facets of this demanding and rewarding art form.

Overcoming Adversity : The Inspiring and Intelligent Heidi Moss

Performing arts industries can be riddled with vanity. Learn how one singer used her scientific background to find healing when her looks were suddenly taken away.

Ciao, Roma! 

An established summer program in the heart of Italy is committed to the highest artistic standards and helping participants rise to the next level.

Why Every Young Artist Needs a Day Job

This is going to be controversial—but I maintain that an artist cannot thrive if totally broke. When I say broke I mean broke to the point of suffering. If you

Failure Is the ONLY Option

It’s not fun to fail. It can be disheartening, both in the moment and in the immediate aftermath. But, when developing vocal skills, not only is failure an option, it appears to be a crucial component of eventual success.  

Will the Shingles Vaccine Affect My Voice? : Your Health with Dr. Jahn

Dear Dr. Jahn, I recently got a shot of Shingrix, the new shingles vaccine, and had an unexpected side effect. I only felt mildly sick for one day, but my