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College Connection: Repertoire Streams, Practice, and Planning

Evaluating and reevaluating your educational plans, practice habits, and career goals is an important tool to learn for singers planning to major in music. Whether you're just starting college or getting ready to launch your career, preparation is crucial! Read on to learn more about this.

Elder Care and You: Planning for the Future Now

At some point, you may be responsible for the care of elderly family members and, eventually, you must plan for your own care in later years. Learn more from a voice teacher balancing the difficulties of both her own career while also caring for her elderly mother.

Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Voice Teacher

Trying to choose a voice teacher can be daunting, especially since there are so many options out there! How do we pick a voice teacher, given all of these options that we have? Here are a few things to consider while making your selection.

Teaching Group Voice Lessons

Teaching group voice lessons can be a lucrative and rewarding activity for voice teachers. Learn more about how to implement this into your voice studio and ways to find success teaching in a group setting.

Traversing the Opera-sphere: An Artist-of-Color Roundtable

Artists Othalie Graham, Paul Chwe MinChul An, and Indira Mahajan share their experiences with repertoire as it relates to their ethnic makeup and identity. 

A Singer’s Worst Nightmare: Jaw Surgery a Decade Later

Singer and voice teacher Michelle Latour shares her experience with jaw surgery and recovery, short and long term.

The Music Major Minute: Unexpected Vocal Repertoire, Part Four: French Mélodie

In this column, we will sojourn through some less performed French art songs in the fourth part of a series on unexpected vocal repertoire. 

Mental Health

Kerriann Otaño and Cris Frisco have a conversation about the mental health crisis in the operatic community. They share ideas for self-care and ways to address mental health issues while working as a singer.

Tips from Juilliard: Reflecting

For many of you, the past few months have included auditions for undergraduate or graduate programs. With so much going on, taking time to reflect seems nearly impossible. And yet, reflecting is critical for artistic growth. Read on to learn more about how reflecting can help you as an artist.

Recital Representation: Making Space for Women Composers

Choosing recital repertoire is an art form that many wonderful artists have been chronicling for decades. Read on to learn about how to include more works by women composers in your recitals as a student and as a voice teacher.

The Singer’s Library: The Empowered Performer

Sharon Stohrer’s second book on performance anxiety aims to help singers strategize their way to more confident presentations. 

Singing after Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be terrifying and devastating one for anyone—and for singers, there are important aspects to consider.