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Conquering Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety. It sounds so serious. While most performers would admit to feeling nerves before going on stage, or perhaps even a degree of “stage fright,” the words “performance anxiety”

A Singer Must Beat the Odds

The vast majority of opera singers have no prospects for job security finding long-term jobs. A portfolio career is inevitable. The German Bertelsmann Foundation – who runs the prestigious Neue

The CS Convention from a Pro Managers View

A Note from Dr. Robert Mirshak, President and Owner, Mirshak Artists Management What CS Music does so well is create a community of talented and passionate people who honestly want everyone to

Masters of the Spiritual

CS Music is always looking for ways singers can perform in a variety of venues. One such experience took place to a sold-out audience June 2, 2019 at Bruno Walter

A Vocal Threat: Laryngeal Ossification

Mastering vocal technique involves accessing and training the individual parts of your anatomy that govern breathing, phonation, articulation, and resonance—as well as coordinating them so that they respond collectively to

Starting and Starring In Your Own Opera Company

As an entrepreneur who is also a singer, I love that the root of the word “entrepreneur” comes from the Italian word impresa, meaning “an enterprise or undertaking.” An Italian

Singer’s Diction: The Ever-Expanding Selection of Textbooks—Take Your Pick!

The following is a list of six of the most popular diction textbooks, along with their pros and cons. These are my own personal opinions—yours may differ. Many of these

An Artist in Voice & Paint

Rina Lucas combines her artistic vocal and painting skills into a fascinating new career. We asked Rina seven questions to help us know how she keeps up with her artistic

Ann Baltz: : Life After Opera Works

How does one transition away from three decades of a life work? For Ann Baltz, this not only became her new reality but a necessity. 

Baritone Steven LaBrie:  : The Sky’s the Limit

Despite childhood difficulties, Steven LaBrie was inspired early on to pursue a career in opera, and he is now beginning to attract attention in the classical world. Find out more about this baritone whose voice is as big as his heart.

The Power of Words

Vocal transformation may be found more in the text of your literature rather than in relentlessly pursuing perfect singing technique. 

Overcoming Adversity : Kelly Edgar—Singing and Teaching through Injury

One singer shares her experience with balancing a full-time teaching career coupled with a production run amidst a health crisis.