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Crossover Corner : Audition Accompanists Give Advice

Find out what accompanists expect from you at your next musical theatre audition.

‘The Why’ with Singer and Actress Eve Gigliotti

Through various triumphs and a few trials along her professional singing career, Gigliotti has discovered the deeper meaning of 'finding her voice,' and she has important lessons to pass along to any singing artist who is looking for innovation and new ways to share their talents.

Deviated Septum and Your Voice : Your Health with Dr. Jahn

Dear Dr. Jahn, I was told that I have a deviated septum and surgery was recommended. Would you recommend this and how might it affect my voice and breathing? How

National High School Musical Theatre Award Winner: Ethan Kelso

CS Music loves to feature impressive artists/singers and Ethan Kelso is definitely one. Read about his amazing journey from his challenging childhood to his first big success of winning the National High School Musical Theatre Awards. We have no doubt this is only the beginning of his story.

Common Mistakes in Learning Musical Theater Songs

The wants of the musical theater industry are constantly in flux. At the moment, the trends have moved away from wanting to hear obscure, never-before-heard songs to songs that are

Grace and Grit : Amanda Majeski

Amanda Majeski’s global career has taken her around the world and to the top companies in the U.S. including Santa Fe Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, and the Met. Yet her career is only one small, yet significant, part of who she is. With a husband and stepdaughter and a multitude of interests outside work, she says she’s going about life slow and steady.

Tribute to Francisco Casanova

Dominican operatic tenor Francisco Casanova, recognized for his ringing, bel canto vocal style, died on 26 September 2019, in Providence, Rhode Island, at the age of 61. He had been undergoing treatment for gallbladder and liver cancer for several months before his death from complications related to this illness.

Singing in the Dry Winter Air

Here we are in the middle of the “dark” months. Cold, dry winter often takes a special toll on the singer’s instrument, and proper management can minimize any vocal impairment.

Is It All Worth It? : "Making It" as a Singer

I am sitting on deck on a small French cruise ship, finishing a ten-day gig. I was a featured headline act, performing my original cabaret shows for the passengers on

Asthma Inhaler and Your Voice : Your Health with Dr. Jahn

Dear Dr. Jahn,   Can using an inhaler for asthma affect my vocal cords and vocal range? Alayna T.   Dear Alayna T., The answer is, it depends on what

Stages of Learning and How It Affects your Singing Progression

In recent years, motor learning theory has taken a more prominent place in vocal pedagogy. The theory itself is described in depth in Vocology by Ingo Titze and Kittie Verdolini

I Am Not My Resume

The holidays can be tough, whatever your line of work. For artists—singers and actors in particular—they’re a source of unique dread because we have to explain–or worse, justify–what we do.