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Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Melissa Rivera's Success With Crossover Vocal Training

Crossover singing should extend beyond musical theatre styles. Pop, rock, and country music can also lead to additional opportunities and paychecks. 

#MeToo and Opera

San Francisco Opera’s La Boheme, photo by Cory Weaver   Since Harvey Weinstein’s exposé in 2017, the #MeToo movement has become a major social force that condemned and exposed sexual

No Colds for the Singer in the Cold Season!

The cold season is here! Colds, viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, seem to be an unavoidable part of winter. As a singer, colds can be more than a

How Creating My Own Work Got Me to Carnegie Hall

Like most overeducated singers, I was taught only one clear path to success: practice, go to auditions, book a job, and be amazing. In theory, this process works. The problem

Drama-free Drama at Southern Mississippi

Southern Miss Opera and Musical Theatre Company, The Phantom of the Opera Tell us about the vocal program at your school. Miles: The vocal program at Southern Miss a comprehensive

Marco Nistico: Opera Renaissance Man for the 21st Century

Marco Nistico is a Renaissance Man for opera in the twenty-first century. Born and raised in Italy, he probably never imagined that he would enjoy an international career as an

LACHSA High School Spotlight : with Suzanna Guzman

CS Music loves to spotlight high school programs, especially when they are as inspiring as the group at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. Suzanna Guzman is the

A Met Star with an Old-School Approach: Professor Nathan Gunn

    “Beauty comes with health…”: a refreshing perspective on teaching singing. Professor Nathan Gunn, who has been on the Faculty at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for twelve years has

Alive & Kicking: Companionship

CS Music has partnered with Jessica Fishenfeld to spotlight her creative efforts to make opera more accessible for a new generation of music lovers. This light-hearted series gives you a

Get CAST in Musical Theater as a Crossover Artist

Are you an opera singer who loves singing showtunes in the car? Do you perform Broadway standards during your solo shows and cabarets? Do you want to perform in a

The Singer’s Library: Auditioning for College Musical Theatre Programs 

The Singer’s Library column in the November/December issue of Classical Singer highlighted the book College Prep for Musicians, which offers information about applying to college music programs. But what about

Barking Up the Wrong Tree? Concert Venues

A musician asked me where to send concert pitches. She wanted to know how to find appropriate places to perform so she could send more effective pitches and get better