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Easy Does It : The Relaxed Success of Baritone Peter Mattei

Peter Mattei’s operatic career has now spanned almost three decades and continues to thrive across the globe. Discover his methods for achieving his effortless sound with such a great variety of repertoire—including works by Wagner, Mozart, and Sondheim—as well as his process for keeping his sound honest and authentic across this broad spectrum. With a Winterreise recording in the works and Wozzeck on the horizon at the Met, this baritone has cultivated a unique and personal formula for success.

Ask Dr. Jahn – Emergency Remedies

Dear Dr Jahn, Do you have any suggestions for emergency mode remedies to get a lost voice back due to sickness for a performance? Sarah S.   Dear Sarah, The answer to

3 Essentials for Musicians for a Great Photo Shoot

What’s really stopping you from getting a great promo photo? The excuses I hear most often are about money, time, and finding the right photographer. And then there’s the procrastinating,

Coping With Criticism

My day of triumph had finally arrived! I made my NYC debut in a world premiere, and luckily the NY Times gave me a favorable review. Instantly I joined the

The Music Major Minute

Finding a safe environment for critique can be somewhat of a rarity. Learn more about a competition where the focus is on education, student progression, and helpful feedback.

The Singer’s Library : Vocal Cross-Training

A new publication strives to build and unify singing techniques fit for both Broadway and La bohème.

Opera Viva! : A Decade of Italian Opera Education Experience

Discover the many offerings of a summer program held in the center of medieval Verona.

Where I Last Got Paid to Sing : Drones, Secret Service, and Pentatonix?

Read about one singer’s gig involving a merger between operatic and popular styles coupled with emerging technology.

Editorial Desk

Welcome to the January issue of Classical Singer magazine! I hope you enjoy the in-depth coverage and advice on summer programs. Training is obviously a critical part of our craft,

Prepping For A Sensational European Summer

Perhaps you have already made your summer program or YAP plans for 2019 but need help with the logistics, or perhaps you have not even started considering the options available. Find answers wherever you are in this process here.

A Summer in Ohio : Celebrating 40 Seasons of the Ohio Light Opera

A Midwest company credits much of its success to a strong collaboration among the participating artists and directors, a high production value, and a supportive community while striving to bridge the gap between traditional operetta and musical theatre.

Vocal Energy vs. Vocal Tension

Find greater insight into the differences between an overly relaxed phonation and one that is energized and efficient.