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Crossover Corner : Belt, Mix, and Legit - Three Little Words Used So Many Ways

Confused about the terminology used in musical theatre vocal styles? Find answers and clarification here. 

The Music Major Minute : Summer Training—Up Your Game

It’s tempting to waste away those valuable summer months. These ideas will help you resist that urge and get a jump-start on the fall semester. 

The Jazz of Darden Purcell

Darden Purcell, a Washington D.C. based jazz vocalist, enjoys an active performing career in addition to being the director of jazz studies at George Mason University. She has performed nationally

Success For the Mature Singer

What are the obstacles to either expanding upon existing work or entering the field when one no longer qualifies as the next sparkling young phenom of the industry?   Certainly,

Diction for Today’s Singer

Every collegiate voice major in the United States sooner or later will have to take diction—the class that teaches how to sing effectively in other languages besides English (although occasionally

An Argument against ABStinence

“I want to work out, but I’m afraid I’ll build up too much tension in my abs.” “Can I develop a six pack without screwing up my voice?” “If I

Is the Singer’s Larynx Really “Different”?

When I show photographs or videos of the larynx to a singer, the two questions I am most often asked are “Is there something different about a singer’s larynx?” and

Creating a Singer’s Press Release

You just finished a grand Memorial Day weekend at the CS Music Convention and Vocal Competition. (I’ll use this as an example but everything fits for anything else you do

Connections: It’s Who You Know

Turning acquaintances into career allies We all probably know on some level that it’s not wise to walk into every audition without having made any personal connections to those hiring.

Pregnancy and the Singer

One of the most transforming experiences a woman can undergo is pregnancy. As women, we might wonder what it feels like to be pregnant? What will our baby be like?

Protecting a Singer’s Hearing — Vital

Protect your hearing! This column was prompted by a simple question from one of our readers:  The answer is not simple, but important. Our sense of hearing, important whether you

Elizabeth Stanley : Rooted in the Midwest, Blooming on Broadway

Elizabeth Stanley’s path to the stage did not go as initially expected. Beginning first as a classical singer with a vocal performance degree, she quickly realized her passion and place in the musical theatre world. Her career now includes Broadway national tours, revivals, and originating roles. In this Classical Singer exclusive, she discusses her process for creating many different vocal qualities and styles, what life is like in a touring company, and the necessity for singers to share their own unique talent free from outside influences.