Joanie Brittingham

Joanie Brittingham

Joanie Brittingham is a soprano and writer living in New York City. She can be reached at Visit her blog, Cure for the Common Crazy, at or see her column, Big Apple Sauce, on the arts scene of New York, at the website

Rethinking the Goals to Distance and Hybrid Learning

Students and teachers now face a semester unlike one they have ever experienced with new regulations and combinations of in-person and virtual learning. Read on to find ways to manage and benefit from this unfamiliar situation.

Emmie & Harry’s : Streaming Cabaret Club

Emmie and Harry’s is a public Facebook group, set up as an online cabaret venue with a weekly schedule including individual artist shows, open mic, and themed shows of multiple

Car and Dupuis : Cooking Up Opera, Life, and Love

Nicole Car and Etienne Dupuis recently sang for the whole world from their home in Paris at the Metropolitan Opera’s At-Home Gala. They brought the same joyful energy to that

Choose Your Own Audition Adventure

These step-by-step scenarios provide a glimpse into a variety of audition situations and can help with preparation for pounding the pavement in the Big Apple. 

Pulling Off a Sick Performance

You’ve spent hours practicing and fine-tuning for an important performance and are feeling prepared and excited. Take some thought to also prepare for any potential setbacks that could start with a sniffle. 

AIMS : A Semicentennial of Shaping Singers

For those looking to work in Europe, AIMS can help make this dream a reality. Hear from faculty and an alumna about the many offerings of this program and what you can gain from a summer in Graz. 

Two Articles on Summer Reading for Singers

It’s summer. Time to get into the hammock and sip a cool lemonade as you catch up on your reading. Here are two wildly different approaches to “filling the well”

Sonya Yoncheva: An Artist Who Dares

Sonya Yoncheva is not afraid of taking risks. At the beginning of her career, she prepared a role unknown to her in only three days and repeated this practice with many other opera houses. She is also vocal in challenging the social traditions that exist in the opera world to create change for the next generation of opera singers. Read her thoughts on bridging the generational gap in opera, the value of family as a performing artist, and on being true to herself.

Personal Finance for Singers

Joanie Brittingham takes a hard look at the financial realties for singers—including salary realities and the heavy burden of student loan debt. She then offers tips for making ends meet when money is scarce.

Donor Relations for Singers

What kind of roles do donors play for opera companies? And what is a singer’s obligation to said donors? Find out here, including how to make small talk and when and what kind of thank you notes to write.

So You Want to Teach Voice: : How to Start Your Own Private Studio

From what to charge to how to find students to how to get them to pay and keep coming, established singers/teachers share the ins and outs of beginning a private studio.

Working with Managers

Five managers discuss what they look for in singers they sign to their rosters and the dos and don’ts for a good working relationship once signed.