Joanie Brittingham

Joanie Brittingham

Joanie Brittingham is a soprano and writer living in New York City. She can be reached at Visit her blog, Cure for the Common Crazy, at or see her column, Big Apple Sauce, on the arts scene of New York, at the website

Meeting Expectations

We continue last month’s discussion on professional role preparation with a candid discussion with coaches, a conductor, and stage directors about expectations. What level of preparation do they expect from singers when they step into the rehearsal process? Find out here and avoid being caught ill prepared.

Being Professionally Prepared

Role preparation in the real world often means much more work than is typically required during your student years. But it’s never too early to start acting like a professional. Whatever level you’re currently at, following these seven steps will ensure your complete preparation.

Eating Healthfully While on the Road

From feeling like you’re on vacation to always eating out, being on the road can cause havoc to your regularly scheduled meal plan. Seasoned singers committed to healthful eating share their tips for nutritional eating while away from home.

Singing in Alaska?

Tucked away in beautiful Alaska, a summer festival has been thriving for 30 years. Its remote location doesn’t keep it from bringing in some of the best musicians around. And on the list of alumni? Mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux. Read how the festival shaped her musical development, as well as what’s in store for 2010 when founder Jo Scott hands the reins to her successor, Terese Kaptur.

Early Music 101 : A Singer's Primer

If you’ve ever considered delving into the mystery that is early music but felt a little apprehensive at the prospect, fear no more. This introductory guide will set you on your way.

Acing the Grad School Application Process

Don’t be caught unawares come December 1 when graduate applications are due. Find out everything you need to know to begin preparing now.

Breaking with Convention

The sixth annual Classical Singer Convention convened in Chicago May 29-31. With over 1,000 people participating from high school to professional levels, it was the biggest convention yet. Read about one singer’s convention experience, including how she learned to overcome fear in auditions, make her high notes soar and, most importantly, take her career by the horns to find success now.

A Soprano in Africa

Soprano Joanie Brittingham decided to go to Africa for an adventure. Little did she know that a life-changing, view-altering experience awaited her in Kenya.

How to Pack Light But Still Have Everything You Need

You don’t want to arrive for your audition completely worn out from hefting heavy bags hither and yon. Learn to pack light. With current airline restrictions on liquids, however, how do you take what you need and still get through security? Find out here.

Make Your Summer Sizzle

What do you do when your best-laid plans for the summer don’t manage to come to fruition? One singer shares nine things she does to make the most of summer months.