Joanie Brittingham

Joanie Brittingham

Joanie Brittingham is a soprano and writer living in New York City. She can be reached at Visit her blog, Cure for the Common Crazy, at or see her column, Big Apple Sauce, on the arts scene of New York, at the website

Opera Moms

Singers who are mothers weigh in on the challenges and rewards of doing both.

From Student To Teacher : Marilyn Horne

Marilyn Horne is a true legend on the operatic and recital stages, as evidenced in the lengthy list of awards she has received. Now, as she approaches her 80th birthday, she continues to create another legacy beyond her stage career—a remarkable and legendary teaching career. Once a student at the Music Academy of the West, Horne has been the music director of the Academy for over 15 years where she continues to mentor, lead, and inspire the next generation of singers. Read about her commitment to both song and opera, how she got into teaching in the first place, and what she considers the greatest joys of being a teacher.

Antibiotic Overuse

When your body is your instrument and that body gets sick, you can feel desperate for a quick fix. But don’t let that desperation lead you to make short term choices that could have long term negative effects.

Missing the Grade : The Truly Important Things to Learn as an Undergraduate

Do you have to go to college to learn the skills necessary to succeed as a professional singer? And, in turn, are colleges teaching those skills? Singers and voice professors weigh in to answer these questions and more, including their pet peeves on what singers should learn in college but often don’t.

Excellence in Programming

Is a recital in your future, at the college level, professionally, or anywhere in between? Avoid common pitfalls of boring programming by considering new ways to think about song selection, grouping and, perhaps most importantly, audience enjoyment.

Charming Notes

Taking the time to write a thank you note is a wonderful way to show your thoughtful gratitude. In addition, it might just be the attention to detail you need to set you apart from other singers.

Money Matters: Personal Finance for Singers

Joanie Brittingham takes a hard look at the financial realties for singers—including salary realities and the heavy burden of student loan debt. She then offers tips for making ends meet when money is scarce.

Creating an Opera Book Club

Looking for a fun way to spend your summer nights? Consider starting an opera book club.

Moving to New York City

If you’re contemplating a move to New York City, here are a few things you need to know.

Family-Friendly Opera

Most singers are familiar with Chautauqua Opera, especially their large Young Artist Program. Many might not be familiar, however, with Chautauqua’s unique approach to accommodating professional singers’ families each summer.

Gender Balance in the Workplace

A book about the plusses of achieving gender balance in the workplace is shedding light on gender balance within the arts, specifically opera. Drawing attention to this issue is the first step to change.

Finding Music Again

A current University of Mobile student shares her story of nearly losing her musical abilities after an accident resulted in significant brain injury. Read about her remarkable recovery, including relearning the musical skills she almost lost for good.