How $750 per Night is Possible : Creating a Perpetual Job Machine

Performing a Concert in someone’s home can earn you $750 — sometimes half that, other times more. And, you can quickly create such venues so you perform 12 or more


Crossing Over: The Search for Stylistic Authenticity

Several articles in the May 2019 Classical Singer issue explore the topic of “crossover”—classical singers delving into musical theatre. In the cover article, Elizabeth Stanley details the path from her


Owning Your Vocal Health

Maintaining and caring for your instrument begins by advocating for yourself. 


A Composer Improvises : A Conversation with Jake Heggie

Get a closer look at a composer who strives to work with singers rather than making demands of them. His approach and techniques offer invaluable insight for every singer at any stage.


This Is Enough: Accepting and Appreciating Your Career at Every Stage

I am all about that hustle. We are in an industry that requires you to be constantly striving, creating and reaching for the next goal. An industry that necessitates self-marketing,

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