Artist Spotlights

Suzanne Vinnik : The Diva Who Hustles

Opera singer turned fashion designer, CEO, stylist, and photographer—Suzanne Vinnik discusses her path to building her byVINNIK brand and why doing more than one thing can unlock your full artistic potential.

From Wotan to Wichita Grand Opera: Alan Held 

Alan Held is one of the world’s leading bass-baritones. In May 2020, he took over as general and artistic director of the Wichita Grand Opera (WGO). What is it like

Opera Singing Mamas : The Career (Part 2)

  Following part one of an illuminating interview with six established opera stars whose individual experiences with the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum processes and the impact on their instruments were

Adrienne Danrich : Be the Light

Adrienne Danrich is a singer but also so much more: a poet, composer, and creator in the arts who cannot be contained by a single definition. Her artistry lights the way for others in the field, and her example leads others to share their musical message in a plethora of ways.

Opera Singing Mamas : Part 1

Hear from some of the industry’s top artists on how they prepared for, navigated, and recovered from their pregnancies while striving to keep their vocal and physical health in top

Das Musikkorps Director Marches to a Different Beat

ieutenant Colonel Christoph Scheibling has directed German military concert bands during groundbreaking performances and collaborations in Israel and Afghanistan.  Now as the director of the concert band of the German

DUETS: Covid Coping for Singing Spouses

The struggles of performing artists during the Covid-19 pandemic are no secret to anyone. Abruptly changed plans, canceled opportunities, and lost income are only a few challenges that individual opera singers have faced for the past 15 months.

National High School Musical Theatre Award Winner: Ethan Kelso

CS Music loves to feature impressive artists/singers and Ethan Kelso is definitely one. Read about his amazing journey from his challenging childhood to his first big success of winning the National High School Musical Theatre Awards. We have no doubt this is only the beginning of his story.

A Met Star with an Old-School Approach: Professor Nathan Gunn

    “Beauty comes with health…”: a refreshing perspective on teaching singing. Professor Nathan Gunn, who has been on the Faculty at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for twelve years has

True Confessions of a Backstage Mom

You want the best for your kids, right? That’s all a parent or guardian ever really wants. And yet, sometimes as parents, we don’t always do the best job at

Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Dean Southern

Careers in music are often the result of long, winding journeys, not direct pathways.  Dr. Southern’s journey is no exception. Dr. Southern’s first two degrees are in piano performance.  He had

Brexit – How are singers and musicians affected?

The word Brexit conjures up all sorts of horror scenarios for anyone thinking of doing business in the United Kingdom after March 29, 2019.  As of right now, Brexit is