Auditions & Career

Demystifying Audition Season

It’s a new year and auditions are still here! Here are some tips to help you feel prepared, confident, and not overly precious of the next time you are given the opportunity to perform in front of a panel.

Auditioning for College: A Friendly Guide to Help You Feel Your Best!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a guide as you venture out to college auditions? Well, good news! We have one for you. Read on for a friendly guide to help you feel your best in your auditions this year.

Dealing with Rejection: Navigating the Audition Season’s Highs and Lows

Audition season brings with it rejection. In this article, learn more about how to face rejection in a way that protects your mental health and well-being.

College Connection: Preparing For That Next Audition

Our industry continues to “draw back the curtain,” allowing singers to see how the audition process runs from the other side of the table. Regardless of what you think they want to see, each singer needs to ask themselves, “what do I want to share?”

Marketing Yourself as a 21st Century Musician

In this article, we learn about how to create your own self-produced project.

Performers on Pause: Singers Reflect on the Value and Challenges of Breaks

Considering taking a break from singing? Afraid there will be consequences to your career development? Read on to hear from singers who took breaks for very different reasons, about their decision to take a break, and what returning was like for them.

Keeping Company on the Road: The Rehearsals

Rehearsals are quite possibly the best part of performing. This is where the real creativity happens! Read on to learn about rehearsals as a performer on a Broadway National Tour!

From the Vault: The Secret to Sight-Singing – Relax, it’s not your fault!

What is the secret? New Yorkers have been going to Liz Fleischer to learn this critical skill for 35 years! It's time we let you in on the secret as well.

Cutting through the Noise: Selecting a Master’s Program in a Time of Information Overload

Continuing your studies with a graduate degree can be daunting. Read on to learn how to find the right fit for your educational goals while maintaining a clear sense of financial realities.

Authentic Artistry for Audition Season

With audition season underway, one of the biggest tips of advice from Katy Lindhart is to be yourself. Read on for advice as you navigate your auditions this year.

Keeping Company on the Road: Auditions

Join CJ Greer as she travels the country in the Broadway touring production of Company – coming to a city near you! Each month she discusses the ins and outs of life on the road. First up – auditioning for a national tour!

PR for Singers

Are you interested in working with a publicist, but have no idea where to start? Read on to learn about the major areas of publicity to help you navigate your career.