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3 Breaths, 3 Questions: Your Musical Theatre Audition

riends! Singers! Countrymen! Lend me your ears. Well, in this case, your eyes. I don’t know if you’ve heard (I know you’ve heard), but Broadway is BACK! After 18 months

The Singer’s Library : Training Contemporary Commercial Singers

In her new book, Elizabeth Ann Benson interviews and collects the wisdom of many CCM experts and pedagogues from around the world.

From Wotan to Wichita Grand Opera: Alan Held 

Alan Held is one of the world’s leading bass-baritones. In May 2020, he took over as general and artistic director of the Wichita Grand Opera (WGO). What is it like

Budgeting for Essential Media

Since the pandemic, it has become clear that the classical music industry has changed regarding auditioning and hiring. The need for faster, safer and cheaper hiring processes has severely decreased the regularity of live auditions in favor of digital media submissions and website perusing.

Being Antiracist in Our Musical Theatre Repertoire Choices

We can no longer ignore the cry for change and justice that has been ringing throughout this country, our neighborhoods, and institutions of education. What change can singers and voice

Showtune Savvy : Your Perfect Pop Diva Moment

Cher, Tina, Carole, Donna, Gloria. Divas. Broadway Divas. Divas so magnetic and prolific that their stories have become full scale Broadway Musicals. Award winning hit musicals, at that. These bio

The Singer’s Library: So You Want to Sing Spirituals

Added to the So You Want To Sing series, a detailed publication provides clear information for voice teachers and singers approaching spirituals.

Option Up or Option Out? When to Stick with the Score

If you’ve ever listened to an original Broadway cast recording while following along with the printed music, you may have noticed some differences between what you hear and what you

Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress

D. Brian Lee thought he had no talent for singing. At least that was his conclusion after a humiliating vocal exam in college. It was the experience of playing in

The Doctor Is In: Ask Dr. Jahn – Vocal Fold Hemorrhage

Dr. Anthony Jahn answers questions each month for CS Music. If you have a question, email How big is the risk of vocal fold hemorrhage when taking high concentration ibuprofen

Audition Tune-up: Avoiding Overdone Musical Theatre Songs

I had the immense privilege of judging the majority of the Musical Theatre rounds in this year’s CS Vocal Competition in Chicago. I heard so many impressive voices in both

From Dreams to Reality: Colin Aikins and the CS Vocal Competition

Many have experienced the joy that comes from belting it out in an empty house, but few have the dedication it takes to turn it into something more. Colin Aikins