Audition Prep & Performance

Option Up or Option Out? When to Stick with the Score

If you’ve ever listened to an original Broadway cast recording while following along with the printed music, you may have noticed some differences between what you hear and what you

Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress

D. Brian Lee thought he had no talent for singing. At least that was his conclusion after a humiliating vocal exam in college. It was the experience of playing in

The Doctor Is In: Ask Dr. Jahn – Vocal Fold Hemorrhage

Dr. Anthony Jahn answers questions each month for CS Music. If you have a question, email How big is the risk of vocal fold hemorrhage when taking high concentration ibuprofen

Audition Tune-up: Avoiding Overdone Musical Theatre Songs

I had the immense privilege of judging the majority of the Musical Theatre rounds in this year’s CS Vocal Competition in Chicago. I heard so many impressive voices in both

From Dreams to Reality: Colin Aikins and the CS Vocal Competition

Many have experienced the joy that comes from belting it out in an empty house, but few have the dedication it takes to turn it into something more. Colin Aikins

Influencers of Singing: 7 Questions with Stage Director, Kristine McIntyre

This is part of CS Music’s ongoing “Influencers of Singing” series. If you have questions you would like submitted or influencers to recommend, email Influencers of Singing: 7 Questions

Influencers of Singing: 7 Questions with Dr. Robert Mirshak

This is part of CS Music’s ongoing “Influencers of Singings” series. If you have questions you would like submitted or influencers to recommend, email   7 Questions with Dr.

You Are Olympian Too!

“Do or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda   What does it take to be an Olympian? Besides having amazing talent, solid technique, an unfailing belief in oneself, desire

It’s All About HOW You Practice

It’s incredibly common to hear the phrase “practice makes perfect,” but did you know there’s better and worse ways to practice? Whether you’ve been singing all your life, or are

Collaborating with an Accompanist: A Pianist’s Perspective

Finding the right pianist is extremely important. After all, there’s more to a song recital than the singer. Someone who knows this to be true is Julius Drake, pianist and

The Vocal Trinity: Musings From A Vocal Studio

In this year of the Winter Olympics, we watch figure skaters trying to achieve the perfect balance of athleticism and artistry. Triple- triple combinations are required among the ladies, while

Performing from the Heart or the Head?

“For centuries, scientists, philosophers, physicians, composers, poets and writers have argued about the function of the heart. Is its sole purpose to move blood throughout our bodies, or does it