Auditions & Career

The Importance of Storytelling

The stories we are told are the stories we tell ourselves. In this intimate article, Dr. Tara Melvin examines how these narratives shape our perception of success, moving forward, and creating more stories, both personally and professionally.

Five Musical Theater Dance Audition Tips : Beyond the Basics

Don't be underprepared for your next audition—whether opera or musical theatre. Go beyond the basics and learn 5 more tips for audition prep from Professor Kelly Todd who has choreographed more than 50 production and sat in on thousands of auditions.

Can a Toxic Teacher Ruin Your Career?

What do you do if your teacher is underwhelming, negative, or even emotionally abusive? Singer, teacher, entrepreneur and performer Minda Larsen continues her online series for singers with a look at how to deal with less-than-ideal training situations.

Matthew Michael Brown : What I Look For

CS Music begins a new series of interviews featuring industry leaders who share what qualities they need most from artists in their employ. This week we talked with nationally acclaimed organist, conductor, and church musician Michael Brown.

Breaking Down the Riffs with the Extraordinary Natalie Weiss

Broadway performer and voice teacher extraordinaire Natalie Weiss—creator of the Breaking Down the Riffs Online Singing Course—discusses Broadway auditions, running a voice studio, dealing with anxiety in today’s challenging world, and more.

Crossover Corner: Curating and Empowering Your Repertoire

Our new columnist for “Crossover Corner,” Peter Thoresen, offers advice for the classical singer new to musical theatre repertoire on how to find music to add to your “book” by creating curated playlists in streaming platforms.

Self-Tape Auditioning

Even with the return of in-person auditions, self-tapes continue to be a frequent requirement for singers. Whether it’s for a prescreen or the audition itself, learn more about how to put your best self forward for digital auditions.


Opera Houses around the World Show Support for Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded since, a number of

Singers Cope with Inflation in Creative Ways

As inflation rises, singers creatively compensate for increased costs while wages stagnate. Read on to learn how professionals at various stages are adjusting their mindsets and making choices that help them continue their artistic work in the face of financial challenges.

The Singer’s Library: So You Want to Sing

The final book of the So You Want to Sing series is complete. Learn more about cabaret singing, as well as the other offerings in the So You Want to Sing series.

Expanding Your Audition Repertoire : Aria Savvy

Most audition judges are eager to hear any singer whose repertoire choices show some musical curiosity and a sense of adventure. Why choose only the “standard” five arias in your Fach for one audition after another? There’s so much repertoire out there waiting for you! OK, your “list of five” shouldn’t all be arias found off the beaten track, but one or two would certainly be welcomed by those auditioning you. “Aria Savvy” will present two arias per column, introducing you to music that will invigorate you musically while providing a refreshing change for your listeners.

Empowered Recording

Learn tips to make recording a part of your practice routine to provide you with greater feedback and make regular recordings easier.