Auditions & Career

Crossover Corner: Magic, Fear, and Moving Forward

Fear is a natural part of being a performer. In this month’s “Crossover Corner,” we learn how to run toward our fears to discover the new in our art and bring magic to our creative efforts.

On the Pros of Teaching

For many pursuing a professional singing career, to teach or not to teach is a very tough question. Is it possible to balance teaching with my singing obligations? Will I be able to teach and still have vocal stamina? Can I teach if I’ve never done it before? The answer is a resounding yes!

What Can Be Done about Fewer Males and Lower Voices on the Singing Scene?

The classical singing industry finds itself with fewer lower voices professionally and in school programs. Recruiting tenors, baritones, and basses requires shifts in cultural understanding of the arts as a professional field.

Tips from Juilliard: Why Do Auditions Have to be a Zero-Sum Game?

As a performing artist, you will take many auditions during the course of your career. There is a lot of advice available on preparing for auditions, but what about after the audition? How do you prepare for that? I’d like to explore that question in this article.

Music Major Minute: Unexpected Vocal Literature, Part II – Beyond the 24 Italian Songs and Arias :

Working on your Italian lyric diction is. . . come si dice? Più importante! Outside of diction class and voice lessons, subscribe to or for pronunciation practice of your song texts. If you are a curious scholar looking for songs beyond the 24 Italian Songs and Arias that will help you level up, this column is for you. 

The Singer’s Library: Class Voice

A new text helps teachers explore efficient and effective implementation of the class voice format.

Zero Views Blues

How do we know if anyone is watching submitted audition videos? As prescreening videos become more ubiquitous, singers are feeling frustrated with analytics revealing that videos were not viewed by companies rejecting them from auditions. 

Online Presence for Singers

In this conversation, Frisco and Otaño discuss the ways that singers must manage their online presence. Read on to discover ways to improve your website and social media to your professional advantage.

Crossover Corner: Crossing Over without Joy—Don’t Risk It

Getting “unstuck” from repertoire and activities that feel rote and boring can bring greater joy as a student, performer, and teacher. Read on to discover ways to spark joy and creativity in your endeavors.

Audition Attire: A Critical Conversation

Kerriann Otaño and Cris Frisco share their expertise from the “other side of the table” about a contentious topic: audition attire. Learn more about how to dress your best for auditions from this conversation about guidelines instead of rules for audition attire.

Tips from Juilliard: Audition Prep Is Not Just About Practicing

Preparing for an audition means hours, days, and weeks of practice. Yet all the practice in the world can be for naught if you do not also pay attention to two other parts of audition preparation.

A Singer’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Do you ever feel the "holiday struggle"? If so, you are not alone. Minda Larsen shares some tips to help survive-and even enjoy-the holidays as a singer.