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5 Acting Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd in Your College Auditions

Every year, musical theatre faculty at colleges and universities everywhere hold auditions for want-to-be musical theatre majors. Read on for five tips to have a solid audition.

The Music Major Minute: Significance – A Singer’s Super Power

With classes back in session and deadlines for the end of the semester already looming, the search for artistic integrity can be pushed aside. Read on for a reminder of how to check in with yourself and recall why it is you sing.

Winning Isn’t Everything: The State of Competitions and a New Opportunity to Level the Playing Field

In this article, learn about finding success in competitions and the new directions competitions are taking to help Black and Latinx singers succeed.

Crossover Corner : Everything Is Beautiful at the Ballet

As performing artists, we can learn from seeing artistic genres outside of our area of focus. Learn about how to integrate your artistic experiences as a viewer into your practice and performance routines.

4 Tips to Become a Confident Performer

The moment I started singing, I froze. My technique was gone, I couldn't remember the words that came so easily just an hour before, and I didn't sing the way I wanted, the way I knew I could have. I learned an important lesson: performing was a completely different skillset that I needed to develop.

The Singer’s Library: Conducting Opera

Joseph Rescigno shares views from a distinguished career behind the baton.

Star in Your Own Show!

In high school, I made a vision board by cutting out pictures and clips from old magazines and newspapers. At the top of the board, I pasted a clip that read: “Star in your ownshow!” This has become my life and career motto. At the time, I was exclusively focused on opera and classical singing. And even at 16, I knew my path would not be easy or straight forward. Fewer that one percent of singers with a B.M. or M.M. in opera or voice get enough work to live solely on their art. Performing at the Met is the dream, not the reality, so I knew I’d have to forge my own path. 

Anti-Goals for Singers

Nothing is set in stone for you, and you can change your mind, and correct your course as you go along. Knowing your “can’ts” and “won’ts” early on helps you to make a better decision, both for declaring a major, engaging in your studies, and embarking on a professional singing career.

The Music Major Minute : Delving into Latinx Art Songs

Exploring the works of Latinx composers opens new doors to art song repertoire. read on to discover some of the composers and songs featured in performance at the Augusta University Latinx Art Song Festival.

6 Home Recording Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Thanks to the abundance of recording equipment on the market right now, you can record anything you like from your own home. That opens up music, podcasting and more to

Crossover Corner : Feeling Safer by Getting Comfortable

Thinking of auditioning as “giving a gift” rather than trying to get a job creates a new mindset for positive audition experiences. Read on to find out ways to embrace comfortable repertoire and processes for career advancement.

Aria Savvy : Expanding Your Audition Repertoire

Your “list of five” audition pieces shouldn’t all be arias found off the beaten track, but one or two would certainly be welcomed. “Aria Savvy” introduces you to music that will invigorate and provide a refreshing change for your listeners. Explore Handel's “Voglio amare” & Mozart's “Ah, lo veggio”.