Rachel Antman

Rachel Antman

Rachel Antman is a communications consultant, writer, and mezzo-soprano based in New York City. For more information, visit http://www.saygency.com.

Performers on Pause: Singers Reflect on the Value and Challenges of Breaks

Considering taking a break from singing? Afraid there will be consequences to your career development? Read on to hear from singers who took breaks for very different reasons, about their decision to take a break, and what returning was like for them.

New England Conservatory’s Song Lab

New England Conservatory’s Song Lab prepares the next generation of recitalists. The sophistication and nuance necessary for recital performance are complex and difficult, and Song Lab helps prepare singers for a high-performance level.

Managing Audition Anxiety

Audition anxiety is a major factor for many singers. Learn here how seasoned professionals handled their audition anxiety and built confidence and perspective through mindfulness and other techniques.

Becoming a Cantor

Joseph Flaxman discusses his journey from the opera house to the synagogue.

When You Sing For Their Supper : The Art of Performing in Restaurants

Singing in restaurants can be a great gig—you can make money, try out new repertoire, and often eat for free. But it isn’t without its challenges too. Find out how to appreciate the perks and navigate the difficulties here.

Oh Say Can You Sing? : Performing the National Anthem at Sporting Events

Francis Scott Key’s greatest musical contribution can create some hurdles for solo singers in large arenas with rambunctious sports fans. Get tips for managing such difficulties from singers who have faced these crowds.

Eastern Experience : Varna International Opera Academy

Read about a summer program that, while a little off the beaten path, offers singers a true taste of a professional opera singing experience.

Going for Brokerage : Singers Talk about the Realty Business

Finding regular work even as a seasoned singer is a rarity. Explore the ups and downs of a field that tends to ebb and flow with singers who have looked to real estate as an economic option.

Blending Genres: : A Cappella, Broadway, and Classical

Is there a place for opera singers in the new a cappella fascination storming the land? The writer of the a cappella musical In Transit answers that question and more.

Love Story : A Chronicle of Amore Opera

Sit down with a hot cocoa on a February day and read this true story of how a dedicated group of musicians saved the opera company they loved.

SingThrough Central : Playing a Key Role in Role Preparation

Twelve years ago pianist and coach Susan Morton decided to assemble an entire cast of singers to do an opera sing-through to help one of her students learn a role. That moment of inspiration has turned into a full-fledged program helping singers to achieve a more thorough and complete preparation.

Your Ears and Your Career : The Dangers of Noise-Induced Hearing Damage

Hearing beautiful music live is a huge perk of this profession. But what if being in so close a proximity to such music could actually damage your hearing? Find out ways to protect your ears, before it’s too late.