Anthony Jahn, M.D.

Anthony Jahn, M.D.

Anthony Jahn M.D. is an otolaryngologist with a subspecialty interest in ear diseases, disorders of hearing and balance, and disorders of the voice. He is a professor of clinical otolaryngology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and is the noted author of Care of the Professional Voice. For more resources, go to his website

The Dr. Is In: On the Road and Singing

Touring and traveling for singing can be fraught with problems for singers’ health. Read on for tips and tricks for staying healthy on the road.

Advice For the College-Bound

The doctor is in, with some words of wisdom for the prospective college student. Dr. Jahn puts things in perspective to help you make the most of your college years.

The Dr. Is In: Performance Anxiety

Managing performance anxiety is a challenge for many singers. Dr. Jahn shares his perspective as a laryngologist on the mind-body connection, preparedness, and the placebo effect—and how they relate to anxiety.

The Dr. Is In: Singers and COVID – The CS Survey

Several months ago, at the suggestion of one of our readers, we ran a survey to look at the impact of COVID on singers. Dr. Jahn shares the findings of this survey. Read on to discover more about how COVID has affected our readers vocally.

The Dr. Is In: Dr. Google – The Pros and Cons of Internet Medicine

As more people turn to web sources and social media for health information, parsing out the disinformation from the viable and reliable information available becomes increasingly challenging. Dr. Jahn shares tips on how to use Internet sources wisely for your vocal health.

The Dr. Is In : Vocal Maintenance: Prevention Is the Key!

Preventative care for the entire body is important for vocal health. Dr. Jahn shares tips for daily habits that can keep your voice in excellent shape.

The Dr. Is In: Your Jaw and Your Voice

Dr. Jahn explains the role and function of the jaw and the problems that can be caused by chronic tension. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of jaw tension and ways to mitigate it.

The Dr. Is In : The Big Business of Medicine

Dr. Jahn weighs in on the modern healthcare system and the dangerous pitfalls that come with business, not your health, taking precedent. Read on to find out how you can take better control of your healthcare in this landscape.

Your Sinuses : Their Care and Feeding

With changing weather and changing schedules, Dr. Jahn tells you how taking care of your sinuses just might keep you well.

The Dr. Is In : Avoiding Winter Colds: A Rational Approach

Dear Dr. Jahn, I’m 31, and for the past decade I’ve gotten 4–6 head colds every year between October and April. It doesn’t seem to matter that I get consistent

Vocal Health: Oral Contraceptives and the Voice

Last year Dr. Anthony Jahn and Classical Singer collaborated on a
survey of female singers and their experiences with contraceptives.
Here is an analysis of what singers reported.

Dr. Jahn: Nasal Sensitivity, Dental Implants, and More

Dr. Jahn answers questions from singers about the connection between sensation in the nasal area and lack of vibrato and the pros and cons of a recommended dental implant. If you have a question for the doctor, e-mail him at