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Teaching Online Lessons : Six ways to help you effectively transition to online lessons

Let’s face it, you may not be up-to-date on the latest and greatest technology and you may not have ever given an online lesson in your life, we’re here to tell you, it’s going to be okay. Transitioning to online lessons can be challenging at first, there are a lot of unknowns to overcome, but you’ve got this! With a little willingness to learn, you can empower your teaching abilities and reach your students in ways you’ve never been able to in the past. In this article, we will outline six ways to survive the transition to online lessons.

Singing with Neck Tension : Your Health with Dr. Jahn

Find answers to your health questions in this ongoing series of "Your Health with Dr. Jahn". This week's question deals with neck tension.

The Music Major Minute : Why Major in Music Education?

Don’t view an education degree as Plan B. Benefits to this route are many, including shared artistry and stability.   

Broadway’s Sharon Wheatley

When we think about this time during Covid-19 and how isolating it can be, we have to find ways to stay connected. Staying connected and finding empathy and love for one another reminds us who we are and allows us to contribute to the world around us. One way to stay connected is by sharing our story. CS Music is excited to share a little of Sharon Wheatley's story. Sharon currently performs on Broadway in Come From Away as Diane and Others. As you read Sharon's story, we hope that you're reminded that you are also a part of this amazing community–"this big family," as Sharon says. We have a responsibility to take care of each other and watch out for one another. 

Program Spotlight: Boston University Tanglewood Institute

A summer program exclusively for high school singers is giving them a taste of conservatory and professional life and instilling the importance of comradery. 

Post Nasal Drip and Deviated Septums

I read your article about deviated septums. I too have a deviated septum on my left side but I also have allergies which cause everyday post-nasal drip. Do ENT’s also deal with allergies that effect ENT? My question is, do you know if post nasal drip would improve or disappear if I get the septoplasty. Obviously, controlling allergy symptoms is part of that which I’m working on.

The Art of Selecting a Summer Program

Where should you start when choosing a summer program or YAP? Get advice and direction from the pros here.

3 Keys for Coping in Uncertain Times

With all the closures, cancellations, and the social distancing — it’s a strange new reality. How are you dealing with it? To help, here are my three keys for coping with uncertainty.

Online Alternatives: Teaching and Singing During the Coronavirus Crisis

These are unknown and somewhat scary times right now. The coronavirus has created a lot of uncertainty in our community and while we don’t have all the answers individually, we

Operation Secret Project: Coping As An Artist With COVID-19 Closures

March 12, 2020. Shall we just call it Black Thursday? The day all of us who make a living in the performing arts felt like time might stop forever. In

Amazing Grace : A Hometown Tribute to Jessye Norman

Say goodbye to one of classical singing’s most loved divas. Her big voice and even bigger heart have not only left a mark on those closest to her but have cemented her impression as an icon in the musical world. 

Taking the Patient Leap with Soprano Alexandra Nowakowski

CS: How would you describe the course of events that set you on the course toward opera? AN: I wish there was one “aha” moment that led me down this