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The Singer’s Library: The Enduring Legacy of Late, Great Pedagogues

New posthumously published books allow the pedagogy of two beloved teachers to live on

Latonia Moore: “I Love, Live, and Breathe Music”

Latonia Moore is an artist with great depth and stylistic variety. She shares her background in jazz, what makes her voice smile, and the lessons learned from taking breaks vocally. Read on for more on Moore, including her advice about specific intentions as you build your career. 

Tips for Musical Theatre College Pre-screen Video Auditions

College audition season is upon us, and one of the first hurdles for musical theatre college auditions is the pre-screen video. Here’s some advice from behind the audition table on how to put your best foot forward and truly shine.

Pulling Off a Sick Performance

You’ve spent hours practicing and fine-tuning for an important performance and are feeling prepared and excited. Take some thought to also prepare for any potential setbacks that could start with a sniffle. 

Six Tips for Video Auditions

One of the lasting effects of the COVID pandemic is that more schools are allowing recordings of auditions. That recording is typically video, and so it seems like a good topic to explore. Read on for six tips for video auditions.

The Dr. Is In: On the Road and Singing

Touring and traveling for singing can be fraught with problems for singers’ health. Read on for tips and tricks for staying healthy on the road.

The Psychology of Singing: Story Busting

We often create stories in our minds about what who we are and what we can accomplish. In this article, Jon Skidmore encourages us to look at these stories and challenge them. Read on to learn how to think more positively about your life!

Advice For the College-Bound

The doctor is in, with some words of wisdom for the prospective college student. Dr. Jahn puts things in perspective to help you make the most of your college years.

Becoming Belle

We all have dreams about what we might achieve in a performing career. For Rebekah Casad, it was to become a Disney Princess. Read on for tips from Rebekah about making your Disney dreams come true!

Journey to You: Jarrod Lee on Writing Your Own Story

Jarrod Lee tells his story of finding his voice as a singer and as a librettist.

You’ve Got This! Advice for Incoming Freshmen Voice Majors

Starting your freshmen year as a voice performance major is equal parts thrilling and terrifying! Read on to see what advice current voice performance majors from around the country have for incoming freshmen.

Breaking into Voice Acting (Part 1): Training and Building Community

In this two-part series, learn more about how to use your singing training to enter the voiceover world.