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A Sit Down with College Admission Reps

CS Music Recruiting works with hundreds of schools, admission officers, and university faculty. We recently spoke with two leaders in the field to ask them their advice for prospective students and their parents. Bobby Shrader is the Assistant Director of Admissions at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Fred Peterbark is Assistant Dean at Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Applying to College: The Vocabulary

Let’s start with a comparison: When you go to buy a pair of shoes, you go to a shoe store or a shoe department. You don’t go looking for shoes

5 Reasons Why Music is Important in Our Education System Today

The school curriculum has always been a subject of debate, and at the center of many government discussions. For a period of time, music and the arts were seen as non-essential; and it is still not mandatory post-elementary school. However, music has been shown to stimulate brain activity, drives productivity, and has a positive impact on overall wellbeing, especially mental health. See below, 5 reasons why music is absolutely crucial to both the education system and in children’s lives as they grow and mature into young adults. 

The Key Ingredient of Music Theory from a High Schooler’s Viewpoint

s I finish off my last few auditions for college Vocal Performance and Music Education programs, I am equipped with a perspective on what qualities I possess as a singer

Staying in Touch and On Top of It: Time Management for Music Majors

There are never enough hours in the day for a music major. But by knowing exactly what is expected of you and what you can accomplish, your fall semester is sure to be a successful one.

Rethinking the Goals to Distance and Hybrid Learning

Students and teachers now face a semester unlike one they have ever experienced with new regulations and combinations of in-person and virtual learning. Read on to find ways to manage and benefit from this unfamiliar situation.

Preparing a Classical Singer to be Well-Rounded

Today it is very difficult to survive as a classical musician, partly because classical music is being pushed to the margins of society, but in large part, because the training of the musician who should be oriented to flourish their creativity, constrains and confines them to rigid structures and canonical repertoire.

Thoughts on College with Wicked Music Director Dan Micciche

CS Music recently had the opportunity to host a masterclass featuring Dan Micciche, the current music director/conductor for Wicked on Broadway. He offered some wonderful advice during that class that readers can learn a lot from. Here is a portion of the question and answer session, and if you want to listen to the entire class, look for the link at the end of this article.

The Singer’s Library: Auditioning for College Musical Theatre Programs 

The Singer’s Library column in the November/December issue of Classical Singer highlighted the book College Prep for Musicians, which offers information about applying to college music programs. But what about

Musical Theatre College Auditions : Practical Advice

Pay attention to audition requirements for each school where you are applying! Most MT program auditions require 2 contrasting song cuts and 1-2 short monologues, but be sure to keep

Nailing Your University Scholarship Audition

Don’t forget the seemingly small details when preparing for university auditions. They can make a big difference in whether or not you are successful. 

The Music Major Minute : The Quest for Your Signature Roles

Don’t wait until the last year of your degree program to formulate a lucrative plan for post-university life. Prepare now to get that degree to pay you back.