College & Recruiting

Get Into the College of Your Dreams

So, you want to major in voice in college and you want to nail that entrance audition? As a university voice professor who has had years of hearing hundreds of college vocal auditions, here are my top suggestions for how to best prepare for your audition and get into the program of your dreams!

Sing Your Way through College: Ten Steps to Help Turn Your Talent into a Scholarship

Learn how to nail your college audition with this overview of Michael Chipman’s new book. With highlights from specific chapters, you can schedule your consultation lesson and be prepared to ace your post-audition interview.

Singers, Schools and Tech: The Emerging Role of Audio and Video in Voice Training and Education

The 2020–2021 school year was marked by an increase in technology use in the studio and beyond in academia. Even with in-person instruction returning, digital learning is here to stay. Learn here about the best possible tech solutions for classroom and voice studio.

Tips for Time Management

As the academic year ramps back up, managing responsibilities, practice time, wellness, and communication becomes a major component of student success. Read on to learn ways to better manage your schedule.

Putting Together Your Musical Theatre College Audition Package

Preparing a musical theatre college audition package requires organization, understanding of the requirements, and careful preparation. Read on to find tips and tricks to streamline the process of preparation.

College Admissions Part 3: Audition Tips

Admissions offices in music schools manage auditions. We not only run the process, but we interact with applicants and faculty, and are aware of some of the elements of successful

College Admissions: What Difference Does the TYPE of School Make?

Applying Here is the college application sequence in its most basic form: You apply. People at the school review your application materials. The school decides whether you should be admitted,

Making the Leap : College Search, Applications, and Auditions

Choosing where to attend college is the most significant decision most students have made up to this point in their life. While this may seem daunting, through advanced planning and

A Sit Down with College Admission Reps

CS Music Recruiting works with hundreds of schools, admission officers, and university faculty. We recently spoke with two leaders in the field to ask them their advice for prospective students and their parents. Bobby Shrader is the Assistant Director of Admissions at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Fred Peterbark is Assistant Dean at Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.

Applying to College: The Vocabulary

Let’s start with a comparison: When you go to buy a pair of shoes, you go to a shoe store or a shoe department. You don’t go looking for shoes

5 Reasons Why Music is Important in Our Education System Today

The school curriculum has always been a subject of debate, and at the center of many government discussions. For a period of time, music and the arts were seen as non-essential; and it is still not mandatory post-elementary school. However, music has been shown to stimulate brain activity, drives productivity, and has a positive impact on overall wellbeing, especially mental health. See below, 5 reasons why music is absolutely crucial to both the education system and in children’s lives as they grow and mature into young adults. 

The Key Ingredient of Music Theory from a High Schooler’s Viewpoint

s I finish off my last few auditions for college Vocal Performance and Music Education programs, I am equipped with a perspective on what qualities I possess as a singer