College & Recruiting

What Can Be Done about Fewer Males and Lower Voices on the Singing Scene?

The classical singing industry finds itself with fewer lower voices professionally and in school programs. Recruiting tenors, baritones, and basses requires shifts in cultural understanding of the arts as a professional field.

College Connection: Repertoire Reboot

Choosing repertoire for undergraduate auditions can be difficult to negotiate. You want to present something that fits your voice and highlights your strengths, yet is not overdone. How do you know if you have chosen the appropriate rep? Look no further! Read on to discover what college professors really think about your audition selections.

Tips from Juilliard: Audition Prep Is Not Just About Practicing

Preparing for an audition means hours, days, and weeks of practice. Yet all the practice in the world can be for naught if you do not also pay attention to two other parts of audition preparation.

For Singers Who Want to Perform and Teach: College Search Strategies

Many singers love both performing and teaching. As faculty in Voice and Choral Music Education, we offer strategies for choosing a college that nurtures both passions.

Tips from Juilliard: Making the Most of a Consultation Lesson

Sample lesson. Trial lesson. Consultation lesson. These are all terms related to the suggestion, “Take a lesson.” What follows is some how-to advice along with wisdom from Darrell Babidge, chair of Juilliard’s voice studio faculty. 

College Auditions: Green Flags and Red Flags

What are my listeners thinking and why did they suddenly start taking notes? Audition panels can be hard to read. Knowing the expectations for your level can ease your mind and help you succeed. Here is our audition thought process.

Tips from Juilliard: The Application is Now Open

If you are in your last year of your current program (high school or bachelor's degree), then the pressure is on to complete your applications. Here are some tips.

Get Into the College of Your Dreams

So, you want to major in voice in college and you want to nail that entrance audition? As a university voice professor who has had years of hearing hundreds of college vocal auditions, here are my top suggestions for how to best prepare for your audition and get into the program of your dreams!

Sing Your Way through College: Ten Steps to Help Turn Your Talent into a Scholarship

Learn how to nail your college audition with this overview of Michael Chipman’s new book. With highlights from specific chapters, you can schedule your consultation lesson and be prepared to ace your post-audition interview.

Singers, Schools and Tech: The Emerging Role of Audio and Video in Voice Training and Education

The 2020–2021 school year was marked by an increase in technology use in the studio and beyond in academia. Even with in-person instruction returning, digital learning is here to stay. Learn here about the best possible tech solutions for classroom and voice studio.

Tips for Time Management

As the academic year ramps back up, managing responsibilities, practice time, wellness, and communication becomes a major component of student success. Read on to learn ways to better manage your schedule.

Putting Together Your Musical Theatre College Audition Package

Preparing a musical theatre college audition package requires organization, understanding of the requirements, and careful preparation. Read on to find tips and tricks to streamline the process of preparation.