Dr. Michelle Latour

Dr. Michelle Latour

Dr. Michelle Latour is active as a teacher, singer, writer, and adjudicator and lives in Las Vegas. She has been on the full-time faculties at several universities. She is currently a voice faculty member for the Italian-based summer program, The International Opera Performing Experience and owns a private studio, the LATOUR Voice Studios.  You can visit her at www.thelatourvoicestudios.com, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Why You Should Participate in a Summer Voice Program

Many singers participate in study programs abroad during the summer. As a voice teacher and faculty member for a summer program in Italy, I am often asked, why should singers

The State of the Industry: Pursuing Your Passion

Why do you sing? And what keeps you going when times get tough? We readily suffer for our art, so to speak, because we love what we do and we

Suffer for Your Art? The Sacrifices in Following Your Dreams

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” For the majority of singers, this is precisely why we do what we

Alternatives to Botox

Is the quest for the fountain of youth necessary in order to maintain your singing career and preserve that competitive edge? Is it worth it to subject yourself to injections

Getting Rolfed: Bodywork for Singers

Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz endorse it. The late actor Christopher Reeve used it to allow him to breathe without a ventilator. Olympic figure skater and Dancing with the Stars

Practice, Practice, Practice: The Know-How to Make it Happen

I vividly remember my early practice sessions as a young singer. I started my musical endeavors with flute in fourth grade and piano the following year. I did not discover

Eating Myself Sick – Dealing with Acid Reflux

By the end of the spring semester of 2012, my voice was trashed. With a full voice studio, two lecture classes, and a busy performance schedule, my voice was completely

Does Size Matter: What artistic directors really think

What do artistic directors have to say about body image, weight, and hiring practices? Are singer and teacher perceptions about industry standards false?   For an article in Classical Singer

Less is More – What University Professors Really Think about Your College Audition Repertoire

Did you know that by choosing the wrong audition repertoire you can actually hinder your chances of being admitted into the school of your dreams? Do you choose repertoire that

Judged by Your Appearance: What Artistic Directors and Hiring Agents Really Think about Your Audition Attire

What kind of first impression will you convey at your next audition?   You have completed your graduate degree in performance from a prestigious music conservatory. You have the absolute

Pilates and Singing

“That contraption looks ominous” was my initial observation as I walked into the Pilates studio for my first session and noticed with fear and dread the various reformer machines scattered

Wonder Women: Careers & Family

Busy careers, family life, personal life–we want it all. But how do we keep it in check? Many women successfully juggle singing careers and families, miraculously finding time to travel

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