Dr. Michelle Latour

Dr. Michelle Latour

Dr. Michelle Latour is a Las Vegas-based voice teacher, repertoire consultant, and writer. She is the creator of The LATOUR voice studios, LLC, and maintains a busy studio, teaching both classical and musical theatre genres. She has been on the full-time voice faculties of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Bluffton University. Latour earned a DMA from the University of Southern California and an MM from Boston University, both in Voice performance. To find out more and get in touch, visit www.drmichellelatour.com.

The Joy of Teaching

My last blog encouraged singers to continue studying over the summer. This next entry, however, is a reflection from the flip side; how a teacher feels about teaching over the

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Many college-level singers cannot afford to attend expensive pay-to-sing programs during the summer. They need to stay home and earn extra money for the upcoming school year. So my question

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of judging part of the second round of the High School Competition at the Classical Singer Convention in Chicago. It was an interesting and