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The $50 Week : Your Financial Road to Ruling your Federal Loans

Are student loans a current reality or in your near future? Consider these ideas for staying in control of your student loan debt as well as your financial future.

What Are They Teaching Them in Choir

The friction between the university choral program and voice program is not news. But a university where these two programs have found common ground and are working in tandem is. Students and teachers will benefit from reading how Montclair State University is doing it.

College Roundup : A Glimpse Inside Texas' Top Music Programs

There’s more to Texas than 10-gallon hats, cattle, and the Alamo, especially when it comes to university music programs. Find out why so many singers are flocking to four such programs.

In Retrospect : Over 30 Aspects of Singing We Wish We Had Known In College

They say that hindsight is 20/20. Learn from others’ “perfect vision” and avoid potential mistakes as you begin your college career.

Starting Out At A Two-Year College : A Viable Option

For financial, scholastic, or other reasons, not all singers start out at four-year schools. What are the pros of starting at a two-year college, and how can you prepare yourself in those two years to move on to a bigger school? Professors and students weigh in on the issue.