Greg Waxberg

Greg Waxberg

Greg Waxberg is a writer and magazine editor for The Pingry School and an award-winning freelance writer. He can be contacted at

A Shy ‘Carmen’ and Preserving Black History: Reflections from Denyce Graves-Montgomery

Amid the country’s turmoil about racism, mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves-Montgomery is happily enjoying quiet time on her porch in early summer. “We’re in an incredible historical moment, but nothing happening now is any different, except that people have cameras on,” she says. “In this moment of global interruption [caused by the pandemic]—a pause, a time of reflection and quietude—people have the time to listen and look at what’s important.”

Ciao, Roma! 

An established summer program in the heart of Italy is committed to the highest artistic standards and helping participants rise to the next level.

A Choral Calling

Jim Meyer talks about his unique and fulfilling work for almost 45 years with San Francisco Opera as both chorus and dance manager as well as a member of the chorus.

Two Sides to Anne-Carolyn Bird’s Story

One year ago this month, CS’s cover story featured Anne-Carolyn Bird and her husband, Matthew Burns, two singers on the road with their young family. This year, we catch up again with Bird to find out how her family’s changing needs led to an unexpected but perfect career change.

Picture This : Ideas for Your Photos

Four photographers share what they think makes a great photo shoot and, thus, great photos.

Major Decisions

So you want to major in music. That’s a great first step. But is vocal performance the path for you? Or music education? Or musical theatre? Or music therapy? And what about a double major? Read about the ins and outs of each major here to help determine the right choice for you.

In Michigan, Richard Leech Helps Train Young Professionals

Michigan Opera Theatre is expanding its Young Artist Program and legendary tenor Richard Leech joins David DiChiera to lead the way.

Expect the Unexpected : Elizabeth DeShong

Mezzo-soprano Elizabeth DeShong grew up in a small Pennsylvania town and came to the decision at a relatively young age to pursue an operatic career. Supportive parents found the aspiring singer voice and piano teachers, and she devoted herself to dutiful study of both instruments throughout her college career. Those piano skills continue to pay off for DeShong—the mezzo remarkably self-coaches all of her own roles. And as unexpected as the variety of roles DeShong sings is the attention to detail she gives to not only her artistry but all aspects of her life, including a website she hosts featuring captivating photos of her traveling life. With upcoming return appearances at Glyndebourne and the Met, DeShong is truly an artist to watch.

Continuing Education to the Nth Degree

What kind of educational background do those hiring singers look for? And what kind of education should singers seek out? Administrators and singers share their experiences to answer these questions and more.

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Musiktheater

Musiktheater Bavaria trains singers in both musical theatre and opera during four weeks each summer in beautiful southeastern Germany.

Schools of Thought: : Comparisons and Considerations When Choosing a College

What is the difference between a school of music and a conservatory? A department of music and a school of music? Professors at all types of schools outline what prospective students can expect at these various institutions.

Behind the Scenes : How Opera Companies Rehearse and What You Should Expect

Stage directors and opera company administrators discuss the rehearsal process.