Sara Thomas

Sara Thomas

Sara Thomas is editor of Classical Singer magazine. She welcomes your comments.

From the Editor : Lasts. And Firsts. And Everything In Between.

Life is a journey full of firsts and lasts. Beginnings and ends. Starts and finishes. And all of the wonderful, hard, sad, good, happy, difficult, messy, normal, and extraordinary stuff

How to Make a Good Impression during Your College Years

Read what students should and shouldn’t do to stand out in the right ways while pursuing a college degree—from social media to rehearsals to class.

12 Ways to Rock Your In-Person College Audition

We asked college professors what students should and shouldn’t do in their in-person voice audition. Find out what made the top 12 here.

Thanks, Dad

My memories of the college campus where I earned my two degrees stretch back far earlier than my years as an actual student there. My dad started teaching at Brigham

Close Your Singer Rings

When Apple released its smart watch in 2015, the company also introduced its Activity app, the fitness arm of the watch that tracks three major goals each day: Move, Stand,

Getting In

Knowing how to make a lasting impression at your college audition or a competition like the one CS hosts in Boston this month can at best seem illusive and at worst impossible. But it might actually be simpler than you think.

From the Editor : Coming Together

In his new book, New York Times bestselling author Daniel H. Pink says that the time of day we do things matters. That beginnings, middles, and ends are significant. And

Keeping It Real

The verismo period of Italian art and literature took root in the late 19th century and carried into the 20th century. The movement strove for a realistic portrayal of human

From the Editor : Strength in Adversity

It was a cold spring morning high in the Utah mountains. A slow, relentless drizzle had started overnight and continued as the first rays of light spread over the muddy

From the Editor : A Great Year For Women

I am writing this just nine days into the new year, and from where I sit, 2018 looks like a great year to be a woman. I’m not the first

Summer Lovin’ . . . in January

Plane ticket: $460. Tuition: $1,495. Meals and expenses: $265. New friends, new mentors, and a new full role on your résumé? Priceless. Of my most memorable summers (40-some-odd that I

From the Editor : You Know You’re a Singer When . . .

I recently came across one of those annoying click-bait lists that pervade the Internet and flood your social media feeds. And while I try and remain disciplined in my vow