Dana Lynne Varga

Dana Lynne Varga

Dana Lynne Varga is an accomplished soprano, voice teacher, arts entrepreneur, and career coach. She is the founder and artistic director of MetroWest Opera, which is celebrating its 10th season. Varga is on the voice faculty of the New England Conservatory Prep School, and has served on the voice and opera faculty at UMASS Amherst as well as the BU Tanglewood’s Young Artist Vocal Program for exceptional high school singers. Varga also won first place in the Professional Division of the Classical Singer Vocal Competition in 2016.

A Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Three Ways to Jump Start Your Career

Dana Lynne Varga will be publishing a monthly series for Freelance Artists. If you have questions for Dana, email support@csmusic.net and we’ll have her answer or write about those. ​

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