Steven B. Jepson

Steven B. Jepson

Steven B. Jepson, baritone, is a respected international artist with expansive credits in the Americas, Europe, and Japan. His performing experience is rich and varied, from Broadway pops, cruise ship production shows, and cabaret to opera, sacred works, and symphonies. In demand as a teacher and clinician, he teaches voice and diction at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

English: The Three-Headed Monster, Part 2

Contemporary/American (C/A) This style deals with the modern American pronunciation of words, which is more nasal and run together than TA. The [æ] is more prevalent, the hard r [R]

English: The Three-Headed Monster

PART I: Introduction/TA I am a big believer that English diction needs to be taught in schools alongside Italian, French, and German. I also believe that it is important for

Italian Diction : The Discussion Continues

Professor Ramon makes some good points concerning the complexity and possible pitfalls of Italian Diction, and I welcome her comments, especially as she is a native speaker and someone who

Singer’s Diction: Course Set-Up

The University of Missouri in Columbia directs that Italian and French diction are taught in the fall semester, and German diction in the spring. For the Italian and French diction

Singer’s Diction: The Ever-Expanding Selection of Textbooks—Take Your Pick!

The following is a list of six of the most popular diction textbooks, along with their pros and cons. These are my own personal opinions—yours may differ. Many of these

Diction for Today’s Singer

Every collegiate voice major in the United States sooner or later will have to take diction—the class that teaches how to sing effectively in other languages besides English (although occasionally