Mary Claire Curran

Mary Claire Curran

Mary Claire Curran is an industrious soprano who believes in making her own opportunities. She is a lyric soprano, Broadway belter, and cabaret singer. Curran is the 2017 winner of the Rohatyn Great Promise Award from the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, Eastern Region. She lives in New York City. Read more at

The Brand of Brancy: The Value of Being Entrepreneurial in the Arts

John Brancy’s career has come a long way in the past 12 years, and he recently showed the great value of being entrepreneurial in the arts. His latest endeavor included a concert tour striving to reach and impact new audiences with lesser-known content.

Why Opera Singers Should Take Musical Theatre Classes

When considering electives to complete your degree, a musical theatre acting class might be just the thing to take your performance to the next level. That’s what happened for one New York City-based singer.