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From The Editor : Fall 202

Fall is a season of transition. The leaves change, and we go back to school or to our next gig with a surety that we may not have had earlier in the year. Everywhere, I’m seeing singers and voice teachers choosing paths and taking ownership of their art like never before. Creating opportunities for yourself is challenging and, yes, scary. Take this fall to generate positive self-talk about your artistic future that turns wishes into goals, and goals into daily plans. Strike a power pose and say, “I’m a star!”

The Singer’s Library: Conducting Opera

Joseph Rescigno shares views from a distinguished career behind the baton.

Jennifer Rowley

American soprano Jennifer Rowley embraces a dual career as an international opera star and a voice teacher, with passion and commitment to both her audience and the next generation of singers.

Star in Your Own Show!

In high school, I made a vision board by cutting out pictures and clips from old magazines and newspapers. At the top of the board, I pasted a clip that read: “Star in your ownshow!” This has become my life and career motto. At the time, I was exclusively focused on opera and classical singing. And even at 16, I knew my path would not be easy or straight forward. Fewer that one percent of singers with a B.M. or M.M. in opera or voice get enough work to live solely on their art. Performing at the Met is the dream, not the reality, so I knew I’d have to forge my own path. 

High School Arts Training at Orange County School of the Arts

For training as a singer in high school, Orange County School of the Arts offers great choices. Read on to learn about their robust arts curriculum.

The Dr. Is In: Back to School in the Age of COVID

In-person learning is back, but COVID-19 is not gone. Read on to prepare yourself for a return to learning while also minimizing risk for infection and reinfection. 

Making a Difference: Samantha Nahra, Dyslexia, and Music Learning

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Read on to get to know soprano Samantha Nahra, learn about dyslexia, discover how to best support yourself or other dyslexic musicians, and see how Nahra is using her platform to make a difference. 

Bulletin Board : News, Tidbits, Musings, and more

Carla Dirlikov Canales Receives Major Appointment at The Fletcher School   The Fletcher School at Tufts University has announced the appointment of Carla Dirlikov Canales to the position of Professor

Jasmine Habersham : Creating the Road Less Traveled

At first glance, soprano Jasmine Habersham might seem to onlookers as a classical vocalist who has followed a well worn path. But as you begin to peel back the layers of the soprano called “magnificent” by the San Francisco Chronicle, you'll find an intriguing reminder that no two roads are ever alike.