Minda Larsen

Minda Larsen

Minda Larsen is a classically trained singer, actor, and voice teacher in New York City. She’s sung at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, traveled to over 80 countries performing her original cabaret shows, and acted recently on Gotham (FOX), The Deuce (HBO), and FBI (CBS). Larsen’s students have appeared in numerous Broadway shows and national tours. Her book, Star in Your Own Damn Show! How to Rock Your Life Onstage and Off, will be released Fall 2023. Larsen earned her MM at the Manhattan School of Music. Visit @mindalarsen on Instagram.

Coffee with Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Maye continues to be in high demand as a singer at 95 years young. She shares her decades of wisdom as a performing artist with CS readers.

A Singer’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Do you ever feel the "holiday struggle"? If so, you are not alone. Minda Larsen shares some tips to help survive-and even enjoy-the holidays as a singer.

Star in Your Own Show!

In high school, I made a vision board by cutting out pictures and clips from old magazines and newspapers. At the top of the board, I pasted a clip that read: “Star in your ownshow!” This has become my life and career motto. At the time, I was exclusively focused on opera and classical singing. And even at 16, I knew my path would not be easy or straight forward. Fewer that one percent of singers with a B.M. or M.M. in opera or voice get enough work to live solely on their art. Performing at the Met is the dream, not the reality, so I knew I’d have to forge my own path. 

Can a Toxic Teacher Ruin Your Career?

What do you do if your teacher is underwhelming, negative, or even emotionally abusive? Singer, teacher, entrepreneur and performer Minda Larsen continues her online series for singers with a look at how to deal with less-than-ideal training situations.

The New Normal for Performing Artists

I’m not the kind of person who looks back at a year and lists milestones, or stresses how hard I've worked. I try to live in the moment and just get on with it. But this year, I was going over some financial statements and decided to take a statistical look at the second (!) pandemic year.

I Don’t Really Feel Like Singing Right Now

Yesterday, sitting in my little house alone, I stared down the void of Zoom, teaching young singers how to modify vowels.  When I finished teaching, I went into my kitchen

What If I’m Not Good Enough (Yet)? : Thoughts on Constructive Criticism - Part 2

n my last blog, I discussed the negative self-talk that plagues so many artists, myself included. “I am not good enough” is like a soundtrack that plays on a loop.

I Am Not Good Enough – Part I

ecently I was asked to speak, via Zoom, to a group of undergraduate music majors.  My main theme: my career started to change once I became conscious of my “self-talk.”

I Will Not Worry

The artist's life is low on control even in normal times. During a pandemic, we can control even less (when theaters open, when concerts get the green light). But we can still control our thoughts. What's more: we have to. Mental discipline is a crucial part of success as an artist. And it's something we can choose to strengthen, like a muscle. 

So What Do We Do Now?!?

None of us artists really knows what to do, or what's coming next. But I still feel we are essential, even if society (or the government) doesn't appear to feel this way. So what the hell are we supposed to be doing now? My answer: I haven't a clue. But also, not nothing.


I was listening to Oprah on a podcast the other day. The following line struck me: “The way to get the life you want is to be grateful for the life you have.” 
I've always agreed with this in general. But is it true even in the midst of a pandemic that hit the arts harder than most industries? 

How to: Self-Tapes for Singers

Self-tape auditions have been discussed at length in the TV/Film world. In working with my voice students and fellow singers, however, I am not sure the importance of a good self-tape setup has been adequately explained in the singers’ world. Let me see if I can help clarify why self-tape auditions are so important.

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