Minda Larsen

Minda Larsen

Minda Larsen is a classically trained singer, actor, and voice teacher in New York City. She’s sung at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, traveled to over 80 countries performing her original cabaret shows, and acted recently on Gotham (FOX), The Deuce (HBO), and FBI (CBS). Larsen’s students have appeared in numerous Broadway shows and national tours. Larsen earned her MM at the Manhattan School of Music. Visit @mindalarsen on Instagram.

How to: Self-Tapes for Singers

Self-tape auditions have been discussed at length in the TV/Film world. In working with my voice students and fellow singers, however, I am not sure the importance of a good self-tape setup has been adequately explained in the singers’ world. Let me see if I can help clarify why self-tape auditions are so important.

A Singer Turns 40 in Quarantine

Since New York adopted “shelter-in-place,” I’ve been staying with my parents where I grew up in Florida. I left for college at 18, then went straight to grad school in

Star in Your Own Damn Show!

In high school, I made a vision board by cutting out pictures and clips from old magazines and newspapers. At the top of the board, I pasted a clip that

A Morning Ritual for Stressful Times

…during this quarantine period, I have really tried to stick with my morning ritual and I've found it grounds me and keeps my in some sort of normalcy.

Three Things You Can Do for Your Career Today

The days are starting to run together. It's as though the no man's land between Christmas and New Years has expanded indefinitely. What day is it? Do I have to put on real clothes? Did I eat breakfast? Here are some suggestions to break the monotony and rejuvenate your career and life!

Operation Secret Project: Coping As An Artist With COVID-19 Closures

March 12, 2020. Shall we just call it Black Thursday? The day all of us who make a living in the performing arts felt like time might stop forever. In

How I Found the Perfect Day Job

I had been working as an executive assistant to the President of a very big fashion label. I emphasize very big. Devil Wears Prada big. It was a “dream job”

Why Every Young Artist Needs a Day Job

This is going to be controversial—but I maintain that an artist cannot thrive if totally broke. When I say broke I mean broke to the point of suffering. If you

Is It All Worth It? : "Making It" as a Singer

I am sitting on deck on a small French cruise ship, finishing a ten-day gig. I was a featured headline act, performing my original cabaret shows for the passengers on

I Am Not My Resume

The holidays can be tough, whatever your line of work. For artists—singers and actors in particular—they’re a source of unique dread because we have to explain–or worse, justify–what we do.

How Creating My Own Work Got Me to Carnegie Hall

Like most overeducated singers, I was taught only one clear path to success: practice, go to auditions, book a job, and be amazing. In theory, this process works. The problem

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