Megan Gloss

Megan Gloss

Megan Gloss is a classical singer and journalist based in the Midwest.

Showing Singers the Ropes

Mentors can help guide classical vocalists on the path toward a successful and thriving career. Find out what makes a good mentor and how to create your own circle of important advisors to guide and assist you along your career path.

The Future of Opera

Chicago is not only home to one of the top opera houses in the U.S., but that opera house also hosts one of the best Young Artist Programs in the country. Several of the 15 fortunate young artists currently participating in the program, along with the faculty and staff who provide their training and support, share with readers this month what makes this program so truly remarkable. The Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Opera Center at the Lyric Opera of Chicago is much more than just a training ground for the classical singing stars of tomorrow.

Audition 101 for Opera Singers

Two general directors weigh in on how to put your best foot forward while keeping the audition process in perspective. Join singers at this year’s Classical Singer Convention in Chicago to hear more from Chicago Opera Theater’s Jerry Tietz and Florentine Opera’s William Florescu.

On the Brink: : Emily Birsan

Chicago-based lyric soprano Emily Birsan recently finished a three-year residency with Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Opera Center. Now with her first CD release last month and her debut at Florida Grand Opera next month, this young singer is quickly establishing herself as a singer on the rise. In this exclusive interview, she shares her experiences growing up in Wisconsin, how she first got her feet wet with classical music, and how she stays grounded in a highly competitive and cutthroat industry.

Celebrating a King

Courtney’s Stars of Tomorrow honors the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr., through its cultivation of promising young artists and passing on the torch of classical music—including a concert this month in Harlem featuring legendary singer Grace Bumbry.

Extending the Stage : Mezzo-soprano Carla Dirlikov

Mezzo-soprano Carla Dirlikov’s reach goes far beyond the scope of her music career. Her degrees from University of Michigan, McGill University, and the Academy of Vocal Arts have led her down both hoped-for and unexpected paths, including that of cultural envoy for the U.S.

A Sound Investment: : College Debt 101

Your music education doesn’t often include classes on finance. But don’t let that stop you from learning to be wise with your money. Consider these 10 tips for managing money on your way toward a successful singing career.

The Business of Singing : A Q&A with Darren K. Woods

The general director of Fort Worth Opera and Seagle Music Colony discusses how young singers can
plan for a successful career in opera. Join Darren K. Woods this May at the Classical Singer Convention in San Antonio, Tex., for even more of his insights and wisdom.

Torch Song

The Daniel Ferro Vocal Program celebrates 20 years, priding itself on passing the torch of singing knowledge from one generation to the next.

Madison Rising

While some say opera is meeting its demise, Madison Opera has emerged as a leader in the industry.

How to Handle a Poor Accompanist

Two collaborative pianists advise what to do when
it’s not the singer—it’s the accompanist.

From Pay-To Sing to Tuition-Free

A look at two programs that are making it easier for emerging singers to get the professional training they need.