Megan Gloss

Megan Gloss

Megan Gloss is a classical singer and journalist based in the Midwest.

Singer and Accompanist Etiquette 101

Find out how to foster one of the most important musical relationships a vocalist will ever have.

Now What?

Bridging the gap between the academic world and an operatic career can seem an impossible task. A singer and general director share their advice for making it possible.

An Early Start

Aspiring young vocalists get a rare glimpse into the world of opera through high school apprentice programs.

Meet the Young Artists

Four vocalists who have participated in education and outreach programs share their experience.

The Value of Young Opera-tunities

The next generation of singers hones their craft while exposing opera to new audiences through six unique outreach programs.

Where Art and Beauty Collide : The Aspen Music Festival and School

Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado resides a summer program that has long been providing a rich musical experience for musicians. Read about its offerings for singers in this in-depth look at the Aspen Music Festival and School's Aspen Opera Theater Center.

Will Sing For Cash : Grant Opportunities for the Classical Singer

Don’t let limited finances hold you back from summer programs or any other career dreams. You just might qualify for one of the many grants available to classical singers.

Healthful Habits

Singers Kyle Ketelsen, Cynthia Hanna, Vale Rideout, Catherine Cook, and David Adam Moore weigh in on their favorite exercise regimens.

When Early Opera Meets the Modern Stage : What Singers Can Expect in the Approach to Performing Period Works

The Baroque era gave birth to opera—maybe not quite as we know it today, but the art form nonetheless. So what happens when modern-day opera companies mount early opera? What approach do modern directors take and what do they look for in singers?

Will Work to Sing

The days of musical patrons are over. And unless you
have a trust fund or rich relative, odds are you will have
to supplement your singing income with full- or part-time jobs for some or all of your singing career. Singers straddling dual careers tell how they make it work—for better or worse.

From the Stage to the Studio : Classical Singer Teacher of the Year Virginia Zeani

Virginia Zeani has enjoyed two remarkable careers: fi rst as world-renowned soprano and second as successful voice teacher, both at a top university and now in
her private voice studio in Palm Beach, Florida, where she continues to teach at the age of 84. Read the remarkable story of both careers, as well as Zeani’s thoughts on
the art of teaching and her advice for young singers.

Skeletons in the Closet : An Open Door Reveals Opera's Dark Secrets

Just how far would you go for the role of a lifetime or that long-awaited contract that meant your big break into the ever-competitive, demanding, and daunting world of opera? You might be surprised to know how far some singers were asked to go—and what other singers sacrificed—for great roles or lucrative contracts.

This article contains some sexually explicit language. Reader discretion advised.