Megan Gloss

Megan Gloss

Megan Gloss is a classical singer and journalist based in the Midwest.

Girls Will Be Boys : Wearing the Pants in Opera

If you’re a mezzo-soprano, chances are you’ll be trading in those Carmen hips for a pair of breeched trousers à la Cherubino at some point in your vocal career. For many mezzos, the art of portraying a boy on stage is a challenge. When done effectively, however, it can lead to some of opera’s most memorable, rewarding, and versatile roles.

‘Blastissimo’ or ‘Screamando’? : The Over-singing Epidemic

Well-trained singers know how to recognize over-singing. Younger singers often fall prey to the temptation to blast away, thinking volume and power equal impressive singing. Learning to recognize this tendency—in both your own voice and the voices of those you teach—can make the difference in achieving long-term, healthy vocal production.