Health & Technique

The Swole Soprano Strengthens Singers

In the singing world of today, artists are asked to do more than simply “park and bark.” We are asked to run, jump, spin, climb twelve flights of stairs and then sing the showstopper. Singers must be prepared for whatever is thrown at them, and that is the goal of The Swole Soprano.

Making a Difference: Samantha Nahra, Dyslexia, and Music Learning

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Read on to get to know soprano Samantha Nahra, learn about dyslexia, discover how to best support yourself or other dyslexic musicians, and see how Nahra is using her platform to make a difference. 

Vocal Health 101 : Vocal Folds

Let's talk vocal health! The vocal folds are tiny, delicate, and unfortunately prone to wear and tear, even with easy vibration. This delicate layer needs to be properly hydrated and well taken care of in order for the vocal folds to vibrate easily. Read on for a few tips on maintaining and strengthening your vocal folds.

Intimacy Direction and Opera : Safety, Context, and Boundaries

While common in theatre and film, intimacy direction becomes increasingly important in opera. Read on to discover the importance of intimacy direction and choreography, consent in the context of scene partnership, and developing a dialogue about the physicality of intimacy.

Top Three Vocal Health Tips for Singers : From Speech Pathologist Sarah K. Brown

Speech pathologist and voice teacher Sara K. Brown, MS, CCC-SLP, shares her top three tips for vocal health. Her mission is to make vocal health and science information widely accessible, and to train vocal athletes using evidence-based practices and cross training across genres. 

The Singer’s Library : Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy

Advances in the field of acoustic voice pedagogy have spurred a second edition of one of its most popular texts.

Breaking Down the Riffs with the Extraordinary Natalie Weiss

Broadway performer and voice teacher extraordinaire Natalie Weiss—creator of the Breaking Down the Riffs Online Singing Course—discusses Broadway auditions, running a voice studio, dealing with anxiety in today’s challenging world, and more.

Amplifying Female Voices: Ellen Mandel

An abundance of living women composers deserve our attention. To help change the traditional white male landscape of the classical repertory, we can program music by composers of all backgrounds. Read on to learn about composer Ellen Mandel.

The Dr. Is In : Vocal Maintenance: Prevention Is the Key!

Preventative care for the entire body is important for vocal health. Dr. Jahn shares tips for daily habits that can keep your voice in excellent shape.

New Music Learning : Strategies for Success

Learning new music from living composers can be daunting to singers unfamiliar with the process. Read on to gain strategies for successfully collaborating with composers and approaching newly composed works.

The Tongue as a Gateway to Voice, Resonance, Style, and Intelligibility

Voice science and vocal pedagogy meet in this publication exploring the role of the tongue as a crucial part of singing and speaking.

The Dr. Is In: Dealing with Allergies : Allergy as Inflammation

In this guest article from allergist Dr. David S. Mazza, learn more about managing allergy problems and understanding the way your body responds to common allergens.