Health & Technique

The Tongue as a Gateway to Voice, Resonance, Style, and Intelligibility

Voice science and vocal pedagogy meet in this publication exploring the role of the tongue as a crucial part of singing and speaking.

The Dr. Is In: Dealing with Allergies : Allergy as Inflammation

In this guest article from allergist Dr. David S. Mazza, learn more about managing allergy problems and understanding the way your body responds to common allergens.

The Dr. Is In: Your Jaw and Your Voice

Dr. Jahn explains the role and function of the jaw and the problems that can be caused by chronic tension. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of jaw tension and ways to mitigate it.

Sleep, Study, Sing, Repeat: More Zzzs Lead to More A’s

Sleep is an essential element to physical and mental health, yet many students do not have a solid sleep routine. Case studies explore real-life scenarios you may face that can help you make better sleep choices.

The Dr. Is In : The Big Business of Medicine

Dr. Jahn weighs in on the modern healthcare system and the dangerous pitfalls that come with business, not your health, taking precedent. Read on to find out how you can take better control of your healthcare in this landscape.

The Natural : Technique & Talent

Is the concept of an untrained, natural opera singer an accurate one? A discussion on singing technique as well as the training of operatic superstars aims to answer this question.

Training the Young Male Voice

What makes the young male voice unique, and how does that impact its training?
Find the answers, including specific vocalises to help in the process, here.

Your Sinuses : Their Care and Feeding

With changing weather and changing schedules, Dr. Jahn tells you how taking care of your sinuses just might keep you well.

The Dr. Is In : Avoiding Winter Colds: A Rational Approach

Dear Dr. Jahn, I’m 31, and for the past decade I’ve gotten 4–6 head colds every year between October and April. It doesn’t seem to matter that I get consistent

Mental Health and the Met: Dr. Angel Caraballo discusses preparation for the Met’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones

Last month, The Metropolitan Opera’s opening night performance marked not only the historic re-opening of the house after the COVID-19 pandemic forced a season-long closure, but it also welcomed the eagerly awaited premiere of Terence Blanchard’s Fire Shut Up in My Bones—the Met’s first performance of an opera composed by a Black composer. Recently, I learned that my friend and neighbor, Dr. Angel Caraballo, served as a consultant to the company, advising on the strong adult themes noted on the Met’s website.

Vocal Health: Oral Contraceptives and the Voice

Last year Dr. Anthony Jahn and Classical Singer collaborated on a
survey of female singers and their experiences with contraceptives.
Here is an analysis of what singers reported.

Finding Balance in Mental, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Health

Caring for your mental health alone isn’t sufficient for well-being as a singer—it is one piece of the puzzle. Read in this personal essay one singer’s story of finding balance in mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health in the midst of personal turmoil, chronic illness, and the career challenges those difficulties yielded.