Health & Technique

Four Tips to Get Better at Memorizing

I remember standing shakily in front of the judges at a NATS singing competition. The accompanist began the prelude to the first aria in my set of songs, “Vedrai carino” from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. All that was going through my mind was, “Will I remember the words?”

Squashing the Inner Saboteur: Reframing Intrusive Thoughts As An Arts Educator

Having thoughts of doubt when it comes to our work is a common occurrence in the Arts. Studio owner and voice teacher Brandon Marcus talks about how these thoughts can effect both teachers and students, as well as some of the ways he has learned to cope and overcome self doubt.

Marking in Rehearsal: What Is It and When to Use It

Have you ever been asked to "mark" while in rehearsal? Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre in the Theatre Department at the University of Utah, David Eggers, gives advice about "marking" and how to do it safely.

The Mentally Tough Singer

What is mental toughness? In theory, it is simple. Your attention is on the right target. Your attention stays on the right target and your actions are aligned with the

Elder Care and You: Planning for the Future Now

At some point, you may be responsible for the care of elderly family members and, eventually, you must plan for your own care in later years. Learn more from a voice teacher balancing the difficulties of both her own career while also caring for her elderly mother.

The Dr. Is In: Performance Anxiety

Managing performance anxiety is a challenge for many singers. Dr. Jahn shares his perspective as a laryngologist on the mind-body connection, preparedness, and the placebo effect—and how they relate to anxiety.

The Dr. Is In: Singers and COVID – The CS Survey

Several months ago, at the suggestion of one of our readers, we ran a survey to look at the impact of COVID on singers. Dr. Jahn shares the findings of this survey. Read on to discover more about how COVID has affected our readers vocally.

Tips from Juilliard: Nutrition for Singers

Recently I found myself thinking about performing artists and the need to maintain one’s health. Read on for tips from Heidi Skolnik, sports nutritionist and overseer of the Performance Nutrition Program at The Juilliard School and the School of American Ballet.

Crossover Corner: Magic, Fear, and Moving Forward

Fear is a natural part of being a performer. In this month’s “Crossover Corner,” we learn how to run toward our fears to discover the new in our art and bring magic to our creative efforts.

The Dr. Is In: Dr. Google – The Pros and Cons of Internet Medicine

As more people turn to web sources and social media for health information, parsing out the disinformation from the viable and reliable information available becomes increasingly challenging. Dr. Jahn shares tips on how to use Internet sources wisely for your vocal health.

Menopause and the Voice

Singer and voice professor Michelle Latour shares her journey through menopause, including factors in how to manage symptoms and biological changes in ways that helped her continue to thrive in her work as well as manage other aspects of entering middle age.

The Importance of Movement for Singers

Embracing choreography and dance is vital for singers, as it helps with body awareness and music’s connection to movement. Read on to learn more about movement and its relationship to your voice.