Health & Technique

The Dr. Is In: Dr. Google – The Pros and Cons of Internet Medicine

As more people turn to web sources and social media for health information, parsing out the disinformation from the viable and reliable information available becomes increasingly challenging. Dr. Jahn shares tips on how to use Internet sources wisely for your vocal health.

Menopause and the Voice

Singer and voice professor Michelle Latour shares her journey through menopause, including factors in how to manage symptoms and biological changes in ways that helped her continue to thrive in her work as well as manage other aspects of entering middle age.

The Importance of Movement for Singers

Embracing choreography and dance is vital for singers, as it helps with body awareness and music’s connection to movement. Read on to learn more about movement and its relationship to your voice.

5 Ways to Get Better at Practicing

Practicing is crucial for vocal development, but it can be overwhelming trying to practice when you don’t know where to start. Here are some strategies to help you get the most out of your practice sessions!

The Musical Athlete: Re-Defining the Warm Up

What you choose to do with the 10-15 minutes before and after vocalizing may be the most important factor you will ever consider for the health and performance of your voice. Read on to learn more about re-defining the warm up.

Breathe/Support from Your Diaphragm: Why This Phrase Isn’t Fully Accurate

Are you wondering about your diaphragm and breath? Read on for more information about the diaphragm to help you understand more about its function, and better ways to talk about the breath.

The Singer’s Library: So You Want to Sing with Awareness

Brian Manternach gives a review on "So You Want to Sing with Awareness" one of the books in the So You Want to Sing collection. This book has an even more unique and non-genre-specific focus. Read on to learn more.

Two Years on T : Transgender Baritone Lucas Bouk

Baritone Lucas Bouk shares his experience on transitioning, retraining his voice during and post-transition, and a more inclusive future for opera.

The Day I Lost My Voice, and What I Did to Find It

Soprano Shellie Beeman had just completed a recital rehearsal. The next morning, though, she woke up without the top range of her voice. Read about Shellie's incredibly difficult health journey and how it has shaped her life.

The Dr. Is In: Back to School in the Age of COVID

In-person learning is back, but COVID-19 is not gone. Read on to prepare yourself for a return to learning while also minimizing risk for infection and reinfection. 

The Swole Soprano Strengthens Singers

In the singing world of today, artists are asked to do more than simply “park and bark.” We are asked to run, jump, spin, climb twelve flights of stairs and then sing the showstopper. Singers must be prepared for whatever is thrown at them, and that is the goal of The Swole Soprano.

Making a Difference: Samantha Nahra, Dyslexia, and Music Learning

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Read on to get to know soprano Samantha Nahra, learn about dyslexia, discover how to best support yourself or other dyslexic musicians, and see how Nahra is using her platform to make a difference.