CJ Williamson

CJ Williamson

CJ Williamson founded Classical Singer magazine. She served as Editor-in-Chief until her death in July, 2005. For comments on this article or other articles, e-mail editorial@classicalsinger.com.

Laying Down the Law

The age-old issue of age has been a hot topic of discussion since the first days of TNYON and continues to be a hot topic today. CS’ editor-in-chief and senior editor in 1998 conducted a phone survey with opera companies, apprenticeships, and competitions to get the low down on age discrimination in the business. Their findings are reprinted here. In addition, we’ve included letters from readers on the topic (see pg. 65).

Editor’s Notes : General Directors and You - A Good Team

This month we feature interviews with two general directors: Ian Campbell and James Caraher. General directors can have a great influence on the kind of experience you have singing with

Editor’s Note : Silence is Golden

Traditionally, our May issue has something in it to help focus singers’ attention on the family—and this issue is no exception. We have two articles for those of you—both men

The Singers’ Convention

The Singers’ Convention, YOUR Convention, is coming up Memorial Day Weekend in New York City. Singers and opera luminaries will finally be connected in an intense, information-packed weekend designed to

Never Audition Again! : An Interview with Master Teacher Janet Bookspan

At a critical junction in my career, I found my way to Janet Bookspan who quickly moved me past a serious performance block and onto my “singing feet” for the very first time. She taught me how to find my singing soul and express it. I’m in debt to her for much of what I became as a singer. She will be at the CS Convention (May 27-30) working with singers. —Editor

Editor’s Note : Why are you here?

I have been so inspired by the letters that have been coming in from those of you who have gone out there and not only tried to make things happen

Editor’s Note : The Wow Factor

Recently, I attended a Utah Jazz game, and sat in amazement while fans screamed themselves hoarse at every twist and turn of the action on the court. My favorite shout

Editors Note: : Teachers, Coaches and Singers, Please Read!

So often, I get letters and phone calls from singers asking me about this manager or that manager. They ask whether singers really have to pay retainers to managers, when

Pay to Learn Summer Programs

How do you get hired when the hirers say you still need more experience? Summer programs are a great way to start but you need to research them carefully. There are a few bad programs out there. Classical Singer asks for evaluations from attendees every year. Here's our report.

Editor’s Note : Great Art... or Not?

Two blue-haired ladies, as the story goes, were in an art gallery—and one of them, as they passed each timeless painting, would scoff and snort with disgust. Eventually, the curator

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: We LOVE the positive spin of this magazine! It has really evolved! We cannot bear [another opera publication]. I suppose it is the magazine for fans, but this

Editor’s Note : Happy Holidays! You've had a Great Year!

It’s December—the month where singers run from gig to gig—or wonder why they’re not! We hope you’ll take some time for yourself, right this very minute, to think back to