CJ Williamson

CJ Williamson

CJ Williamson founded Classical Singer magazine. She served as Editor-in-Chief until her death in July, 2005. Read more about her incredible life and contributions to the singing community here.

Private Voice Studio: : Joan Boytim on Repertoire and Management

Teaching voice is a wonderful "day job". Pedagogy expert Joan Boytim has just written a voice teacher's manual-and completed more than 30 volumes of teaching material- to help you.

July is Coach’s Month

July is Classical Singer’s Coach’s Month. This Coach issue happens every July—and it gives us the opportunity to spotlight a coach as Coach of the Year. This year we chose

Robert DeCeunyck, Vocal Coach : 1940-2004

Those of us who coached with Robert will miss his friendship, patience, gentle humor, wonderful musicianship and language skills. Most of all, we will miss his calm amidst the storm that is sometimes the world of opera.

Joan Krueger- 2004 Coach of the Year

A good coach can mean the difference between a career that truly sings and one that merely warbles. Joan Krueger—Classical Singer's 2004 Coach of the year—has helped make that difference for many a singer. Ms. Krueger received her award last month during the Classical Singer convention at the Hartford School of Music.

Combining Family and Singing

Family and singing. It’s tough to make the two go together. I did it, but it required a lot of sacrifices—sacrifices on the part of my family, and sacrifices on

I Hope You Dance

I hope you still feel small when you stand by the ocean Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens Promise me that you’ll give faith the fighting chance

Carol Vanness to Appear at Convention

I was a young voice student at Cal State Northridge when I first heard of Carol Vaness. It was during my second lesson with Dr. David W. Scott. I didn’t

How You Look

It started with Twiggy. At 5-foot-6 and an anorexic 99 pounds, she changed our concept of beauty. No longer was it acceptable to see a female form. The drape of

Letters to the Editor

Editor’s Note: The following two letters are representative of several received in response to a singer’s one negative comment in the January 2004 issue on her experience at Shaker Mountain.

You Have to Sing

You say you love your art. How much are you willing to sacrifice for it? Do you really love to sing, or are you focused on the supposed rewards that

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: Love the magazine. Keep up the great work. I would love to read about countertenors, church/oratorio, choral articles, more on vocal health. Loved the Spanish repertoire article. [July

Summer Programs to Heat Up your Career

This month’s issue is a treasure trove of articles for singers on all levels, with a host of special features for singers who enjoy summer programs. Our cover story highlights