CJ Williamson

CJ Williamson

CJ Williamson founded Classical Singer magazine. She served as Editor-in-Chief until her death in July, 2005. Read more about her incredible life and contributions to the singing community here.

Editor’s Note : Happy Holidays! You've had a Great Year!

It’s December—the month where singers run from gig to gig—or wonder why they’re not! We hope you’ll take some time for yourself, right this very minute, to think back to

Editor’s Note : Your Storefront

I had a rather irate e-mail this month from a singer who is unhappy about our statement that every singer should have a Web site. He drew the conclusion that

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: I’m enjoying the articles on what singers who are still in good voice can do to create their own roads to “success.” I’ve had a hard time coming

Editor’s Note : Tools for Your Career

2005 Convention October is the second month of the opera season, and I hope you are well underway with your plans! Jo Isom, our Classical Singer convention planner, has been

Making Luck Happen : Robert Swedberg: Orlando Opera's General Director

The story of Robert Swedberg’s path to becoming general director of Orlando Opera is fascinating. Notice how often opportunities fell into his lap. But if you think about the situations, you’ll see that it wasn’t luck. The relationships and strong impressions he made on people caused “luck” to happen.

When : Help on Student Loans

If you’re thinking about where to go to school, you need to read this. If you’re already in school, you need to read this. If you’re out of school, you need to read this.

CS Welcomes Subscribers and Students : ...and those thinking of going back to school, or teaching teenagers

Welcome to all the students, college professors, and of course, our regular readers! We have a huge issue for our regular readers—76 pages—plus a 48-page pullout section that includes a

“The Top Ten” Voice Schools In America

US News and World Report rated them years ago. CS has written articles on all of them. Here's a synopsis for you.

Taking a Long Loook at Shorter College

Are you thinking about college? Are you wondering which school you’re going to attend? It’s worth it to expand your view. Sometimes that is difficult—there are over 600 schools to look at in the United States alone! And some, like Shorter College in Georgia, seem to be working very hard to stay hidden, despite a tremendous success record with singers.

Ace the Auditions

How wonderful it was to meet so many of you at the convention last month! It was like a big party with old friends! Next year in New York! I

Betti McDonald : Classical Singer's Teacher of the Year for 2004

We received a flood of essays from singers eager to tell us about their teachers—and it has been so wonderful to read them. Not every teacher can be as accomplished as our Teacher of the Year, but they should be as nurturing.

Private Voice Studio: : Joan Boytim on Repertoire and Management

Teaching voice is a wonderful "day job". Pedagogy expert Joan Boytim has just written a voice teacher's manual-and completed more than 30 volumes of teaching material- to help you.