Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: We LOVE the positive spin of this magazine! It has really evolved! We cannot bear [another opera publication]. I suppose it is the magazine for fans, but this is the one for singers.
­—Jeanne & Allan, Plano, TX

Dear Editor: I am impressed by the information and encouragement I find in the magazine! I hope to attend a conference one year. I am an older singer who wants to keep singing and performing, and I believe I can with the info I find in this magazine.
—Anne Sacquitne, Federal Way, WA.

There is an entire track for the older singer at the convention, and the competition is open to singers of all ages. The networking will help give you courage to do what you know you should be doing to be true to your art. I hope to see you there. —Editor

Dear Editor: I have truly loved your magazine. I am a young singer working my way through undergrad at the moment. It is so nice to feel like I am at least a little prepared to go out there.

Thanks for opening my eyes to the world of singers and letting me know what’s out there, and for always encouraging me!
—Katie Rictor, Grantham, PA.

Dear Editor: I really enjoy reading the magazine! Now that I’ve graduated from college, I have enough time to read my own choice of “textbooks.” It’s really nice to feel like I’m a member of a community of singers and voice teachers. All the perspectives and information really helps me in my growing and teaching. Thanks,
—Angela Irving, Duncanville, TX

Dear Editor: Classical Singer magazine is a helpful tool for voice students or non-active professionals beginning in this business, but apart from the opportunities section, there are not enough professional-level articles. Also, you need to pay more attention to proper spelling of names. May I send you an article?
—Antonia Lavanne, New York, NY.

Every issue is tracked to make sure it includes articles for the young artist, the emerging singer, and the professional singer. The January and September issue have the most articles for the young artist and emerging singer. We have fixed the problem we were having with name spelling. And we’re always happy to have articles. Please contact me at cj@classicalsinger.com prior to writing.

Dear Editor: I would like to see an article devoted to voices changing, especially after childbirth. I would also like to participate in the article if possible. This happened to me, and I think others have experienced this, or will experience this.
—Diana Tash, Los Angeles, CA

We’ll be in touch, Diana. —Editor

Dear Editor: I’ve subscribed to Classical Singer off and on for nearly 10 years now and I appreciate it a great deal! I think it would be very interesting to create a series of articles about individual companies around the country (specifically what they produce, what the value, etc.). It would be fascinating to have a better idea of what’s out there!
—Name Withheld, Minneapolis, MN.

We’ve profiled Arizona Opera, the Met and Orlando Opera—but we have a long way to go! —Editor

Dear Editor: I’m so thankful to have such an informative, educational tool in my hands each month!
—Kyla Settles, Brooklyn, NY.

Dear Editor: I thoroughly enjoy CS! Every issue. I have only one comment to make regarding the list of coaches/pianists and voice teachers. I realize that it would be impossible to verify each résumé of the applicants you receive, but I can assure you that a few of the names I have noticed on the list not only are frauds, but are also an insult to professional musicians, whether listed or not on CS.
—Name Withheld, Sarasota, FL.

It is true that we do not verify coaches and teachers. This section of CS is something like the Yellow Pages, rather than an association that vets its listings. When a teacher or coach has a complete listing, you can do some research. The rest of your research should come from doing a “Google” search on the Internet and talking to colleagues. —Editor

Dear Editor: Your magazine, Web site, and the fact that there is a constant influx of positive and empowering information in both places, is an inspiration to both my husband (Chuck Karel) and me. All of you, either on the phone or whom we have met, are so caring, kind, and always go way beyond in your help. Thank you for all of you and Classical Singer magazine!
—Christine Kelley Karel, New York, NY

Dear Editor: Keep up the good work! Some day I’ll let you all know what it was like to study with singer [Giuseppe] de Luca (the first Schicchi and Sharpless) for three years, from 1946-49.
—Lorenzo Malfatti, Pittsburgh, PA.

Dear Editor: Bravi tutti all of you at CS! Finally, a magazine for singers that helps address real-world issues. I have passed many of your articles on to my students at the AIMS summer program. As an American singer in Germany, I appreciate having a different view of the business.
—Andrea Hubert-Burda, APO, AE

Dear Editor: Please show more info about the transition from college to professional. Thank you!
—Kalil Wilson, Oakland, CA.

If you have something to say, please write to Ms. CJ Williamson, the editor of Classical Singer magazine at cj@classicalsinger.com or P.O. Box 1710, Draper, UT 84020. Letters can be used as “Letters to the Editor” if you would like, “Name Withheld” if you’d like, or just meant for the staff only. Just let us know.

CJ Williamson

CJ Williamson founded Classical Singer magazine. She served as Editor-in-Chief until her death in July, 2005. Read more about her incredible life and contributions to the singing community here.