Christy Turnbow

Christy Turnbow

  Christy Turnbow is currently teaching at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee and has taught at Montclair State University, Penn State University, and Brigham Young University. She earned an MFA in musical theater voice teaching from Penn State University and a BM from Brigham Young University in vocal performance and pedagogy. She has been seen in leading roles in regional music theatre productions and national tours.

Crossover Corner: Musical Theatre Techniques

Crossover singing can be an intimidating process for classical singers. Learn more about ways to make technical progress on musical theatre techniques.

Acting for the Singer: Opera vs. Musical Theatre Part 2

Crossover artists must balance the expectations and requirements for acting in both opera and musical theatre. In this continuation from the September/October issue article, learn more about the rehearsal process and performance expectations.

Acting for the Singer: Opera and Musical Theatre Rehearsal Prep

Crossover artists must balance the expectations and requirements for acting in both opera and musical theater. Training differs for singers in each genre because each prioritizes expression differently.

Being Antiracist in Our Musical Theatre Repertoire Choices

We can no longer ignore the cry for change and justice that has been ringing throughout this country, our neighborhoods, and institutions of education. What change can singers and voice

Crossover Corner : How Do I Know When I'm in the Danger Zone?

any classical singers are curious about crossover styles but tentative to truly explore other genres. Read on for how to establish best practices in mix/belt styles and to recognize any

Choosing Your First Musical Theatre Song

There are many questions to ask when selecting crossover material. Read on for
tips for the best possible start.

Crossover Corner : Stylizing Pop – And Rock – Influenced by Musical Theatre

The critique “You need more grit” can be confusing feedback to singers. Learn more about crossover terms like “grit,” “fry,” and “wail” in this month’s column.

Crossover Corner : Making A Self-Tape

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools and universities across the country turned to online classes for much of the spring and summer terms. In the musical theatre world, this

Crossover Corner : In the Room Where it Happens

Get an inside view of what casting directors are actually wanting from auditionees.

Crossover Corner : How to Cut a Song for an Audition

Thoughtfully prepare each audition cut by demonstrating strong storytelling and musicianship.

Crossover Corner : Audition Accompanists Give Advice

Find out what accompanists expect from you at your next musical theatre audition.

Crossover Corner : What Should I Sing at My Audition?

Rather than forcing yourself to be something you think auditioners want to see, show them exactly who you really are.  

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