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For Florida Convicts, Opera Offers Redemption

Several singers sent us copies of this article asking us to let singers know about it. We agreed. It’s good for all of us to be reminded of the power of music.

Singers are Human!

Many singers may feel very alone when they are struggling with health issues, for fear that rumors of problems may affect their hireability. Dr. Jahn has received a number of e-mails from singers with questions about their health and its impact on their careers. We hope this sample of the questions asked helps to reassure you that you are not alone.

Do You Need a Tune-Up?

Are today’s performers struggling more and more with singing on pitch? Here, some top voice teachers discuss tuning problems in career-level singers, with suggestions for how to improve pitch.

“There was sometimes a foggy indistinctness, almost as if he were singing between two notes.”

“…Potent on top, but weak and off-pitch down below.”

“He flirted as much with the pitch as with the heroine.”
–Opera News

Away From Home For the Holidays

For performers living and working away from home, the extra holiday workload combined with being away from family can be tough. Yet the CS Regional Reporters are adapting remarkably well. Below, a few share their secrets for making holidays special.

The Guerrilla Temp

Who’s a guerrilla temp? Someone who knows more than the party line we all get when we sign on with a temporary agency. Here are a few statements many of us have heard, and what they really mean.

IRAs–Simple Tools for Future Security

In the 9:00-5:00 career-track world, retirement is usually figured into the employee’s benefit package. As free-lance singers working for a flat fee, it is up to us to provide for our “golden years.” One method is the individual retirement account: easy, convenient and effective.

Ace Your Oratorio Audition

Auditioning for a solo position in an oratorio? Here are some tips from Lyndon Woodside, conductor of the Oratorio Society of New York, on what to sing, what to wear, and what to do.

’Tis The Season…To Make Money!

The holidays present some special money-making opportunities for singers, and one of those is caroling! Cynthia Vaughn spoke to some singers who are earning extra cash for the holiday season while simultaneously having a great time.

MENTORS–Continuing the Circle

Like Sherrill Milnes, many singers, conductors, coaches and teachers had mentors as they made their way up the career ladder. Now they are completing the circle: giving back to the field by working with singers in a mentoring capacity.

Scenes From A Life

Sherrill Milnes on performing, mentoring,
and passing along a lifetime’s worth of memories

The Audience Speaks: : Singers Who Move Me

The Most Communicative Singer from our website poll at the Classical Singer Community is the inestimable José Carreras. And it isn’t only his marvelous voice that seems to have reached so many of our readers. It is a combination of music, words, characterization–and heart. Here is a sampling of what people are saying about Carreras and our other top-ranked singers.

A Giver in a Time of Takers

In preparing for the November issue on the art of communication, Classical Singer conducted a poll on our website asking subscribers to vote for their choice as best communicator today. In this issue we highlight the top five winners of this poll, one of which is soprano Diana Soviero. Ms. Soviero has mesmerized audiences with her charismatic, emotionally-riveting performances of such verismo roles as Manon Lescaut, Nedda, Tosca, Cio-Cio San, and Suor Angelica. She is perhaps the archetype of the singing actress: a marriage of impeccable vocal technique with stunningly effective theatrical instinct and individuality. But beyond those two aspects is an elusive third–soul.