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The Balancing Act

Performers who teach, teachers who perform – how do you juggle both? Noted singer/teachers explain how they give their all in lessons and yet still manage to have ample energy for performing

The Guerilla Temp : Part 2

How do singers get better temp assignments? What makes the difference between getting a call for a $25-per hour job, and a $12-per hour assignment? Knowing how a temp agency really works may take a little heat off singers and put it where it belongs–at the feet of the industry itself.

City by the Bay

San Francisco is a frequent destination for auditions. This month Classical Singer debuts Singer’s City, a column that gives you the inside track to saving money, having fun and making the most of your stay.

Digging Deep into your Aria

Great vocal performances happen when singers truly explore a role, and it helps to have a coach who can walk you through the process. Joseph Smith, a New York vocal coach, shows you how to begin the task of getting beneath the surface of a piece using the tenor aria “E lucevan le stelle,” from Tosca. The specific aria or song may vary, but the ideas are universal.

Across the Pond : A Singer's Guide to Britain and Ireland

While it’s true that Britannia no longer rules the operatic waves or easily waives the strict immigration rules, there are still jobs and opportunities for the interested singer. Madeleine Gray outlines what singers mightencounter when looking into auditioning and performing in the British Isles.

The Eyes Have It : LASIK

Will this popular new corrective treatment enhance your vision and your career?

Good Clothes Open All Doors

We asked several professional singers where they go for help, advice and great bargains on professional clothing and accessories.

Point of View: Management

Managers and general directors have strong opinions about a singer’s packaging. Singers, however, are not always open to their suggestions. Whether you agree or not, you had better know what they think is a hireable package and what isn’t. Classical Singer spoke with several managers and GD’s and found some interesting similarities, and equally interesting differences.

Point of View: Singers

Who would know better than singers themselves what works with regard to wardrobe and what doesn’t? Classical Singer spoke with Rosemary Barenz and Kelly Anderson, two up-and-coming performers, on the unique needs of singers, and we also conducted a poll of our readers. From what to wear to rehearsal, to which color NOT to wear in a concert, here’s what we found.

What Am I Going To Wear?

Is it true that “clothes make the singer?” Mezzo Paula Rasmussen opens her closet and explains her choices.

’Tis The Season…To Make Money!

The holidays present some special money-making opportunities for singers, and one of those is caroling! Cynthia Vaughn spoke to some singers who are earning extra cash for the holiday season while simultaneously having a great time.

MENTORS–Continuing the Circle

Like Sherrill Milnes, many singers, conductors, coaches and teachers had mentors as they made their way up the career ladder. Now they are completing the circle: giving back to the field by working with singers in a mentoring capacity.