Sarah Bryan Miller

Concert Groups Woes Win Owner Bad Reviews

In our February cover story, Alison England told CS readers about her tour across America with Community Concerts and hinted at problems in being paid. Shortly afterwards, CS began publishing notices of the demise of Trawick Artists Management—the parent company of Community Concerts. In April, Robert Sims spoke of his relationship with Community Concerts. Singers are still being hired by Community Concerts. Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to read this.

Business of Singing: : Will Success Spoil Charlotte Church?

This immature voice might need some guidance to save it from ruin.

The Superbowl as Opera? : Gli Ariete

Music critic Sarah Bryan Miller gives us Gli Ariete, an opera in three acts.

On to the Next Century : The Lyric Opera Center for American Artists

When what was then the Lyric Opera School began in the early 1970s, apprentices were required to sing in the chorus, and their training was spotty. Today, the LOCAA has an unwieldy name but a fine track record for producing polished young singers ready to begin significant careers.

“Over My Dead Body” : The Ongoing Surtitle Debate

Surtitles are present in a huge number of opera houses today–all the more reason for singers to be aware not only of how they work but why. Sarah Bryan Miller explains the controversy, the advantages–and the latest trends.

Move Over, Miss Snodgrass

Singers who are traveling full-time are becoming increasingly more vocal about keeping family relationships strong. Sarah Bryan Miller, a homeschooler herself, answers the many requests for information on the ins, outs, and details of homeschooling for singers and their families.

Broaden Your Audience With Recordings

"Opera-goers often ask me how a man of Christian faith can so effectively portray operatic roles, famous throughout the repertoire, that represent satanic or devilish themes. I have no problem answering. As a Christian, I battle Satan on a daily basis. After living 36 years as a born-again Christian, I have come to know many of the devil's tactics and strategies. I may lose many of the battles but, with God''s help, I will win the war. "- Jeffrey Wells

Elizabeth Futral on Building an International Career

I’m not sure I fit the bill as one who has ‘made it BIG’ in Europe,” says soprano Elizabeth Futral. “I think I more accurately qualify as one who is