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Across the Pond : A Singer's Guide to Britain and Ireland

While it’s true that Britannia no longer rules the operatic waves or easily waives the strict immigration rules, there are still jobs and opportunities for the interested singer. Madeleine Gray outlines what singers mightencounter when looking into auditioning and performing in the British Isles.

The Eyes Have It : LASIK

Will this popular new corrective treatment enhance your vision and your career?

Good Clothes Open All Doors

We asked several professional singers where they go for help, advice and great bargains on professional clothing and accessories.

Point of View: Management

Managers and general directors have strong opinions about a singer’s packaging. Singers, however, are not always open to their suggestions. Whether you agree or not, you had better know what they think is a hireable package and what isn’t. Classical Singer spoke with several managers and GD’s and found some interesting similarities, and equally interesting differences.

Point of View: Singers

Who would know better than singers themselves what works with regard to wardrobe and what doesn’t? Classical Singer spoke with Rosemary Barenz and Kelly Anderson, two up-and-coming performers, on the unique needs of singers, and we also conducted a poll of our readers. From what to wear to rehearsal, to which color NOT to wear in a concert, here’s what we found.

What Am I Going To Wear?

Is it true that “clothes make the singer?” Mezzo Paula Rasmussen opens her closet and explains her choices.

Study Aids for SingersPart 2: : MGP Role Study Tapes

The second offering in our continuing review of study aids met with general approval by our panel of professional singers. They found the three-step system well thought-out and implemented, and particularly useful to students who require a diction coach or reperteur.

Restoring the Soul to Singing

Have you been hitting your head against a brick wall trying to get your voice, your life and your career together? Maybe it’s time to stop and find “the inner connection.”

For Florida Convicts, Opera Offers Redemption

Several singers sent us copies of this article asking us to let singers know about it. We agreed. It’s good for all of us to be reminded of the power of music.

Singers are Human!

Many singers may feel very alone when they are struggling with health issues, for fear that rumors of problems may affect their hireability. Dr. Jahn has received a number of e-mails from singers with questions about their health and its impact on their careers. We hope this sample of the questions asked helps to reassure you that you are not alone.

Do You Need a Tune-Up?

Are today’s performers struggling more and more with singing on pitch? Here, some top voice teachers discuss tuning problems in career-level singers, with suggestions for how to improve pitch.

“There was sometimes a foggy indistinctness, almost as if he were singing between two notes.”

“…Potent on top, but weak and off-pitch down below.”

“He flirted as much with the pitch as with the heroine.”
–Opera News

Away From Home For the Holidays

For performers living and working away from home, the extra holiday workload combined with being away from family can be tough. Yet the CS Regional Reporters are adapting remarkably well. Below, a few share their secrets for making holidays special.