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Staying Organized : A singing couple's tricks for coping with two busy careers

I’m not the most organized person in the world, but with Kevin and me working together, we do just fine. In the beginning, our parents helped us a lot. When

ORGANIZERS FOR THE INFORMATION AGE : Keeping Close Tabs on Your Encounter

CONTACT MANAGERS: ACT! What are they? Contact managers are essentially databases: Combination address books and personal organizers with calendars, appointment books, and to-do lists, combined with a few other timesaving

Real Singers, Real Lives

It’s 7:00 a.m., and Michele McBride is already on the go. At a time when many singers are still in bed, McBride is leaving for a day that will include 140 miles of driving and at least two jobs, before coming home again late enough in the evening that sometimes she doesn’t see her children before bedtime.

Getting Organized, Health Insurance, and Singers Unions

Getting Organized: As the opera season closes, you have a small window of time to fix your life’s infrastructure! That is why our focus this May is to help you

Letters to the Editor

Vocalist Dear CS: You recommended subscribing to this mailing list [Vocalist at]. I tried it. They often sent me as many as 50 e-mails in a day. A few

Part of the Company : Six Decades with the San Francisco Opera Chorus

Singing in a top professional opera chorus can be a lucrative and rewarding career for a fully-trained classcal singer.

Making a Difference : Not Just the Singer's Doctor

This month’s unsung hero is a familiar name and face. Dr. Anthony Jahn took the time to discuss his volunteer work with Stanford Felix, and
revealed a facet of himself you may not have been aware of until now.

Paying Your Dues… Or Not? : The Three Tenors' Tax Scandal

Many singers have found creative ways to avoid paying taxes, but is it the right thing to do?
Norman Lebrecht continues the theme he started in Who Killed Classical Music?
with this article on tax evasion among top performers and how it affects the industry.

Editorial : Networking vs. Auditioning?

After last month’s intense issue on mental health, it was almost relaxing to get back to the nuts and bolts of building a classical singing career. This month’s issue on

Letters to the Editor

Getting Back to Basics From the CS Forum: I find it rather interesting in a magazine that is devoted to classical singers, there is very little actual discussion of music,

Networking Do’s and Don’ts : Tips for capitalizing on every conversation and contact.

DO’s Know Your Product. If you don’t believe you have something important to offer, why should anyone else? Share Info. Think of networking as sharing valuable information which may help

Networking with Jeffrey Mayer

Singers can take a lesson on networking from author Jeffrey Mayer. He, too, was once an unknown artist in a glutted market, trying to get the attention of overworked people. Sound familiar?