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Political Changes, Websites for Choristers

Mergers, acquisitions and take-overs aren’t just happening in the banking industry. This issue marks the debut of a new column, Chorister, intended for singers involved in all aspects of choral music. This means not only opera choruses, but professional choirs and church musicians as well.

The ABCs of Success

Classical Singer asked teachers what to look for in a young singer. At the 45th National Association of Teachers of Singing Convention, held in Toronto, Canada, July 3-7, we asked a cross-section of university and private teachers to consider students who had gone on to professional careers, or those who had the greatest potential for career success.

Unexplained Hoarseness

“Dear Dr. Jahn: My doctor says my larynx is normal, but I’m still slightly hoarse. What is going on?” This is a frustrating, and not infrequent, occurrence. The voice is

3 Steps to Perfect Practice

A spiritual approach to more fulfilling practice sessions

Handel Helps Humanity

Performers donate fees and proceeds from Messiah to charities

Move Over, Miss Snodgrass

Singers who are traveling full-time are becoming increasingly more vocal about keeping family relationships strong. Sarah Bryan Miller, a homeschooler herself, answers the many requests for information on the ins, outs, and details of homeschooling for singers and their families.

Who’s Perfect?

Concrete help to maximize performance by focusing energy and resources

A Coaching Career in NYC

Should you take the plunge? Joan Krueger on the pros and
cons of being a New York City coach

Performing in NYC–Play and Pay : An interview with Conard Fowkes

New York taxes are among the highest in the nation. For 21 years, Volunteer Income Taxes for Artists (VITA) has done income tax returns for performers at no charge. Conard Fowkes, an experienced actor and volunteer with VITA, explains the potential pitfalls hidden within the complexity of New York tax laws.

A Singer’s Life In….

Do you have to live in New York City to have a career? Professional and emerging professional singers from around the world talk about where they live and work.

Where Singers Live

Looking through our database we found building which have seven or more singers living in them.