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Nasal Surgery for Singers

We have received numerous questions about the effects of nasal surgery on the voice. Is such surgery beneficial? Does the voice change? Should nasal surgery be performed in the hopes of improving resonance?

The Voice of Safe Experience

I learned about the importance of stage safety from years of sometimes hard experiences. Around 1974, in the Met’s Romeo and Juliet, I was doing my staged “dying” as Mercutio,

Air Don’t Bleed : An Interview with Dale Anthony Girard

“Opera almost always has more vio lence on stage than (non-musical) drama. Just about every production I work with, I run into a singer who has been injured in a

Fighting Mad

I was seriously injured on opening night doing a fight scene with an Italian whose English was very limited. There was no translator provided in rehearsals so he probably didn’t

What Would You Do If…

…a colleague became ill onstage? We had a chorister die on stage, of a stroke; she just collapsed in the middle of the big opening scene in Otello, was helped

Never Say, “Break a Leg!”

At a Met Trovatore with Price and Domingo, the lighting designer reduced the lights during “Di quella pira” except for a spotlight on Domingo. As he finished with “all’armi,” he

The Hazards of Singing : Fog, Smoke, and Pyrotechnics

Dead singers don’t get jobs. Sick and injured singers don’t get much work either. Companies tend not to hire singers who have canceled performances due to a chronic illness, who

Cavaradossi’s Been Shot! (Again)

International opera star Fabio Armiliato could talk about his recent triumph at Carnegie Hall as OONY’s Polliuto, his international career, or his reputation as “The Cybertenor.” He could discuss how he uses computers for coaches, his interest in opera education, etc. But instead, he agreed to share his experience on a topic he rarely speaks about anymore—“the accident.” He said, “This time the account will be read by singers who really do need to know what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. When performers forget safety, we are all in trouble!”

Making Demo Tapes: : Finding Compromise with the Unions

The rules governing the making of tapes in rehearsals or live performances were formed for the protection of professional musicians. However, the rigidity of these rules denies or seriously hinders

Making Demo Tapes: : Under the Table

Singers rarely see or hear the recorded version of their own performances, unless the performance is broadcast or someone in-house bends the rules. Strict limitations are intended to protect the

Making Demo Tapes: : Three Viewpoints

Singers and performing companies may not legally record performances or rehearsals without following strict guidelines negotiated by performers’ unions. Many singers would like to use these tapes to build their

Two Stars of the Caramoor Festival Talk About Taping

Tenor Bruce Fowler and Mezzo Vivica Genaux will appear on July 18th in the Caramoor Festival Production of Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia