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Natalie Weiss : Breaking Down the Melismas

Natalie Weiss started as a pianist, transitioned to singing, became a virtual hit on several platforms, went on to star on Broadway, and now shares her knowledge in an online riffing course. Find out what she has learned along the way and how her course can help all teachers and singers.

The Music Major Minute : Delving into Latinx Art Songs

Exploring the works of Latinx composers opens new doors to art song repertoire. read on to discover some of the composers and songs featured in performance at the Augusta University Latinx Art Song Festival.

Crossover Corner : Feeling Safer by Getting Comfortable

Thinking of auditioning as “giving a gift” rather than trying to get a job creates a new mindset for positive audition experiences. Read on to find out ways to embrace comfortable repertoire and processes for career advancement.

Intimacy Direction and Opera : Safety, Context, and Boundaries

While common in theatre and film, intimacy direction becomes increasingly important in opera. Read on to discover the importance of intimacy direction and choreography, consent in the context of scene partnership, and developing a dialogue about the physicality of intimacy.

From the Editor

This issue marks one year since I became the editor for Classical Singer. It has been a tumultuous one for our industry. When I was a college voice teacher, I started every semester telling my students, “You are responsible for creating a supportive, encouraging environment for your colleagues and yourselves.” I told them that by the end of the semester, they’d be sick of those words, but that I hoped the sentiment would be a habit in their daily lives. 

John Holiday : At Home at The Met and on Your Screen

Countertenor John Holiday shares advice from John Legend, what to do with the overflow from prioritizing self-care, and the precious gift of singing and the need to “give it away” in this interview on his success in opera and pop.

The Singer’s Library : Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy

Advances in the field of acoustic voice pedagogy have spurred a second edition of one of its most popular texts.

Leyerle, Language, and Libretti

Leyerle Publications released their Nico Castel Libretti translations as a digital resource, further making this incredibly important resource for singers more accessible.

Celebrating Two Decades of Somatic Voicework

The LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework, founded by Jeanette LoVetri and housed at Baldwin Wallace University, celebrated its 20th year in 2022.

The Importance of Storytelling

The stories we are told are the stories we tell ourselves. In this intimate article, Dr. Tara Melvin examines how these narratives shape our perception of success, moving forward, and creating more stories, both personally and professionally.

Bulletin Board : News, Tidbits, Musings, and more

CS Music Vocal Competition Winners An amazing total of 803 singers participated in the 2022 CS Music Vocal Competition at the CS Music Convention in Chicago. The Convention featured classical